Young And Hungry Season 6 Extended? Here’s what you need to know

Josh and Gabi’s ebb and flow relationship got a fresh start in the fifth season of Young and Hungry, which ended with the final episode airing in July 2018. And to the dismay of fans, the fifth season ended the series. Although the cancellation was announced before the final round of episodes of the fifth installment, fans are still hoping for a sixth season. Will Young and Hungrig return for a sixth season or not? You have to read to the end to know the answer.

Young and Hungry Renewal Status: Already Renewed or Cancelled?

Young and Hungry has a slim chance of returning to our screens as it was officially canceled on March 15th, 2018. However, if a streaming giant like Netflix picks up the series, fans can expect a sixth season of Young and Hungry sooner than later.

Young and Hungry made its debut on Freeform in June 2014 and was well received by fans and critics alike. With that, the series spawned four more seasons, with its fifth chapter getting the green light in October 2016. A full-length film was also confirmed in March 2018 to wrap up the events of the sitcom. But sadly, it was jettisoned in August 2018. Therefore, fans are left with the obvious question of whether or not Gabi and Josh will have happy endings. Even though the series starred, Emily Osment hinted in her tweet that the movie would have portrayed the main characters who end up tying the knot.” But fans are excited to see what happens next after the fifth season, starring ended in a cliffhanger.

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Young and Hungry Season 6 Cast: Who Would Return?

Emily Osment portrays the character of Gabi Diamond, who gets the job as Josh Kaminski’s personal chef. Gabi von Osment was inspired by a San Francisco food blogger, Gabi Moskowitz. Jonathan Sadowski plays tech millionaire Josh Kaminiski. So if a sixth season ever happens, fans would be thrilled to see their respective roles reprise. Josh’s collaborators include Gabi, Sofia Rodriguez, Yolanda and Elliot Park. Previous seasons also featured several prominent roles from Ashley Tisdale, Andy Buckerly, Jose Moreno Brooks and Betty White.

David Holden created all previous installments of Young and Hungry and executive produced the series along with David Hartle, Tony Carey and Caryn Lucas, among others.

Young and Hungry Season 6 Plotline: How would it be?

Since there’s no official word on Season 6, it’s a bit difficult to reveal the exact synopsis. Still, season five ended with a few loose ends, including what would happen to Gabi and Josh’s relationship after Gabi accepted her new job offer. Will Josh agree to move to Settle, or will the couple perhaps be in a long-term relationship? Season 6 will put those pieces together and give us a satisfying conclusion.

But unfortunately we never see it happen because no network is interested in delivering its future episodes yet.

Young and Hungry season 6 trailer: When is the possible release date?

Considering the series is still in the air, a trailer for Young and Hungry season 6 is a long way off. But we’ll update this section as more information comes in about Young and Hungry Season 6. So keep checking back with us.

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