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Who is Emma Sullivan and what role does she play in the case of submarine killer Peter Madsen?

The highly thought-provoking and captivating documentary Into the deep will be released on Friday September 30th, 2022 on the popular streaming platform Netflix. Emma Sullivan is the director of the documentary.

The documentary follows the chilling true story of submarine killer Peter Madsen, who is reported to have murdered award-winning Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

The official synopsis for Into the deep read:

“Filmmaker Emma Sullivan wanted to portray eccentric inventor Peter Madsen and his homemade rocket for a documentary. Instead, she captures incriminating footage that helped pin him in the murder of journalist Kim Wall.”

Ever since the official trailer for Netflix’s upcoming documentary was released, viewers have been curious to learn all about the documentary’s director, Emma Sullivan, and her role in the case.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in to find out all about Emma Sullivan’s role in the heartbreaking Peter Madsen case.

Learn all about the role of Emma Sullivan in the heartbreaking case Peter Madsen and Kim Wall previously Into the deep aired on Netflix

who is Emma Sullivan and what has she done?

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Emma Sullivan is a critically acclaimed Australian writer and director. She directed the Netflix documentary, Into the deepwhich chronicles the dark and chilling story of Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who allegedly murdered Kim Wall, a renowned Swedish journalist.

According to reports, Emma started the project as a documentary film, intended to show the life and highly interesting work of inventor Peter Madsen, who was quite famous in Denmark for being a self-taught engineer with a keen interest in space and marine exploration.

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However, the project later took a much more sinister turn when Madsen was convicted and jailed for the cold-blooded murder of a 30-year-old Swedish journalist named Kim Wall.

A still from Into The Deep (Image via Netflix)
A still from Into The Deep (Image via Netflix)

While filming her documentary, Emma captured key footage showing the moment Peter Madsen was seen guiding journalist Kim Wall into one of his own crowd-funded submarines called the UC3 Nautilus, and this was Reportedly the very last time Kim was seen alive.

Footage captured by Sullivan for the documentary was thoroughly investigated and used by prosecutors to put Madsen behind bars. In 2018, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime.

Cameramen were Cam Matheson, Henrik Bohn Ipsen, Lars Skree and Emma Sullivan Into the deep, while Mette Heide and Roslyn Walker are the producers. Dickon Hinchliffe has set the highly gripping documentary to music.

While discussing the documentary, Emma said:

“It’s a very personal story for me. When I started this project, I met a group of people who wanted to be part of something positive, led by someone they admired. But then the unbearable happened. If you suddenly get sucked into Such a nightmare, it changes your life forever. The film is a testament to the people who were close to Madsen as they slowly come to understand the man’s true nature and the horrific crimes he committed.”

Don’t forget to look Into the deepwill be released exclusively on Netflix on Friday, September 30, 2022.

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