Waterloo drive-in cinema is abruptly dismissed

Last year the city gave permission to give Waterloo a pop-up drive-in cinema. From the outside it appeared to be a relative success.

A year later, locals are wondering when or if it will return.

This project, aptly named Reels and Wheels, was approved by the National Cattle Congress and approved by the Waterloo Board of Adjustments in April 2021.

As previously reported, a special permit was granted to the organizers of the project. The property could be used for this special purpose until December 2024. Then the project and the success of this theater will be evaluated.

Waterloo Community Television

Waterloo Community Television

The project had one inflatable drive-in cinema screen that was at the National Cattle Congress. The very first show was scheduled for June 26, 2021, but due to severe weather in the forecast this weekend, the premiere was pushed back to July 2.

Each show and ticket would include a double feature for everyone in the vehicle. Some of the duplicate features for the last year included by The Lion King & Back to the Future and another feature with Jurassic Park & the idiots.

Where was it?

Located at 257 Ansborough Ave 50701, the theater was right in the heart of the National Cattle Congress. Their website states: “Take Ansborough Ave and once you reach the address, turn onto Courier Street, which is directly across from the National Cattle Congress. Courier St. is a dirt road that will take you to the drive-thru register and then to the drive-thru lot.”

So is it coming back this summer or what?

Unfortunately, this Waterloo drive-in cinema will not be returning this year. After doing a deep dive on their Facebook page, I noticed that there hadn’t been any new posts since August of last year.

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At this point in 2021, the team behind the project was actively posting about the lineup for the summer. This year…almost radio silence.

After contacting the official Reels and Wheels Drive-In Facebook page, I received a sad confirmation. The drive-in theater would not return this season.

“Last year it just didn’t get the support,” the social media executive replied.

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