Top 10 Twitter Reactions to The Vol. 2 Finale

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Vol.2!

After a 5 week wait between Volume 1 and Volume 2 of stranger things, which fell over the 2-hour finale episode. The finale was so highly anticipated that it crashed Netflix for many viewers (per Variety). The conclusion stranger things The biggest and boldest season yet ranged from the hilarious to the heartbreaking.

While some favorites are safe, others are in dire straits that won’t be over until the series returns for its fifth and final season. From heartbreaking deaths to satisfying comeuppance for some antagonists, the finale is packed with emotional moments. Fans took to Twitter to express their strong reactions and create memes to laugh through the pain.


Jason ruins Luca’s plan

Lucas had planned to try and wake Max up with her favorite Vecna’s Curse song like they did in Dear Billy. But his plan is thrown off balance when Jason destroys her Walkman and subsequently fights Lucas, preventing him from rescuing Max.

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Max’s fate is still unknown, but her heart is still beating. Her brutal injuries at the hands of Vecna ​​leave her future in question as she is in a coma. Watching Max Vecna ​​escape via Kate Bush has become one of the most iconic scenes on the show, and fans hoped this method would save them again. user @cherrychromegrl expresses the devastation all fans felt when they realized Lucas couldn’t save them this time.

Worth the wait

The three-year gap between Seasons 3 and 4 was partly due to the pandemic, however @officialwolfe3y also notes that this wait has produced positive results. The time and effort put into this season has resulted in a huge success for Netflix.

The season is significantly longer than many shows. Remarkably, some series have a shorter running time than just the last two episodes of season 4. Many fans have noted the high quality of this season and praised the actors’ performances.

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Running Up That Hill Remix

The use of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” in Episode 4 led to it becoming a chart-topping hit over 30 years after its release. The viral song led to memes, dance challenges and remixes.

The finale contains a remix of the song with the stranger things theme song. Placed in a central scene, the mix of the two songs made the action even more tangible. The remix was so creepy that fans like it @danrossidraws visualized the song as fire.

Fans are calling out the Duffer Brothers

The Duffer Brothers must have known what they were doing when they killed Eddie. You are aware that he is a fan favorite but unfortunately that decision was made years ago. Fan reactions couldn’t change his fate.

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For the past 5 weeks, viewers have been praying that Eddie Munson would not meet the same fate as the other lovable characters who did not survive the perils of Upside Down. user @ariadna_rojero alludes to it with a meme The officewhere they found that they specifically did not want this result.

Jason’s downfall

Chrissy was Vecna’s first victim and her death led to Jason, her boyfriend and basketball captain, becoming a season antagonist. He and his friends spend most of their time hunting down Eddie and the whole Hellfire Club.

Ever since Jason attacked Lucas, had his friends attack Erica, and turned the whole town against the Hellfire Club, he has become one of history’s most hated villains. After destroying Max’s Walkman, fans like @shivywivy14 felt no regrets at his passing from the Upside Down, which ripped up the floor, and him with it.

Eleven’s confusing explanation

This season has brought a lot of pain and suffering, but there’s still dialogue to add some humor to even the darkest of situations. Argyle has a stroke of genius and suggests using a Pizza Boy kitchen to create a sensory deprivation tank. This leads to El Max confusing with their factual presentation of this ridiculous explanation.

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Understandably, piggybacking on a pizza dough freezer doesn’t make sense for Max. @noradonck loves that funny moment in the middle of a fight with Vecna.

Release battle at midnight

With Netflix dropping the final episodes at midnight Pacific time and 3 a.m. Eastern time, viewers who wanted to watch right away were up into the wee hours.

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The midnight binge fight led to fans like @tohrvs going to work the next day, a ragged mess like the SpongeBob in the meme they shared. Without a weekly release schedule, fans have a choice to overexert themselves or risk being spoiled, so many choose to watch all episodes as soon as possible.

Max’s drawing for Lucas at her hospital bed

Lucas and Max’s relationship has blossomed into a deep and caring connection this season. Whether they are together or have broken up, the two still care deeply about each other.

Before the tragic events unfold, Lucas asks Max if she will go to the movies with him. She responds by drawing this stick figure of them at the cinema. The simple drawing likes to evoke tears in fans @ayooitsbrando as it represents the last thing they had in mind before she temporarily died and went into a coma.

Brenner’s death

Brenner (aka Papa) eventually met his end in the desert when snipers aiming at El knocked him out. The character has been an antagonist in previous seasons and pursued El. His experiments resulted in her having powers, but he also helped transform Vecna ​​into the monster he is.

Even though Eleven had to accept his help with the Nina project to get her powers back, she still didn’t trust him. When he wouldn’t let her out to help her friends at Hawkins, he drugs her and puts a shock collar on her. As he lay dying, fans had little sympathy for him, just like El, as @oo1voidx alludes to this in her post.

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Eddie goes out in a blaze of glory

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking deaths was also the most epic. The metal-loving dungeon master alluded to being a coward and running away all season. In the final he proves himself wrong and single-handedly takes on the DemoBats in the Upside Down.

This comes after he just had his metaliest concert ever, shredding into Metallica at the Upside Down to lure the DemoBats away from Creel House. Eddie quickly became a fan favorite this season and deservedly his final scenes were among the most epic. As @josefmendes indicates that he is now a legend and icon.

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