Thirteen Lives: 7 Things to Know About Tham Luang Cave Rescue Movie

Everyone loves an exciting real life survival story, right? Well, before too long, moviegoers and subscribers to a certain streaming service will be able to see Ron Howard’s upcoming biographical drama, Thirteen Liveswhich will tell the story of one of the most harrowing and well-known rescue missions in recent memory: the rescue from Tham Luang Cave.

But before you check out what ranks as one of the best Oscar front-runners of 2023, there are a few things you’ll probably want to know about the upcoming picture, including who will be in it, when will it be released and just how much The effort cast and crew put into telling the unforgettable story of how far complete strangers will go to save a group of teenagers from an early death. Let’s dive in and check out Thirteen Livesshould we?

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Thirteen Lives will be released in cinemas and on Prime Video in August 2022

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