The Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional semi-final produced two classics, including TD, who won at the last second

Gallo’s RB Jose Noriega #4 finds space to run

Mexico’s Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional The semi-finals did not end as predicted with two candidates, one of whom was completely unlikely, defying the odds of qualifying for the final Tazon Mexico V

That Gallos Negros ended the LFA regular season on a five-game losing streak, but suddenly came alive during the playoffs Mexico 14-7 and now number one seeded dinosaurs 27-20 to advance to the championship game in their first season. In the other semi-final, the fundidores scored on an Ave Mary pass when time was up to defeat the birds of prey 30-27

(6) Gallos Negros de Querétaro 27 – (1) Dinos de Saltillo 20

Based on the records this year, the Gallos entered their semifinals against the dinosaurs as big underdogs. However, what they have proven throughout the game is that predictions are nothing more than that – just predictions.

Everything was possible in the first quarter dinosaurs out of goal as they took a 12-0 lead. Back race Omar Coloyum rushed for a touchdown and wide receiver Jacob Okike intercepted a touchdown pass Eric Nino. However, Gallos responded early in the second quarter with running back Emilio Fernandez, who hit a six-yard touchdown to reduce the lead to 12-6. In the second quarter, Dinos receiver Sergio Barbosa clinched a 14-yard touchdown pass from Nino and Gerardo Alvarez added the two-point converter to extend the lead to 20-6. Gallos then responded with a 39-yard field goal Queretaro table football Beto Guzman to finish the first half 20:9 for the Dinos.

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Dinos WR Sergio Barbosa #14 dodges Gallos LB Julio Obregon #14

In the second half the Gallos sneaked closer with me guzman kick another field goal to cut the lead to 20-12. The defense then stepped up to neutralize that Dinosaurs attack. Finally, with just over two minutes into the third quarter, a high overhead snap dinosaurs Punter Yenny, Gallos passed the ball on the one-yard line. Two tracks later Fernandez potted the ball to close the gap to 20-18 before heading into the final stanza. That Gallos Negros got the ball back in the fourth quarter, where guzman scored the longest field goal of the season at 57 yards and gave his team the lead. The finishing touches came through Luis Humberto Lopez Tinoco who ran it in the end zone for the winning goal.

With the win, the Gallos achieved what no one else thought possible after winning just one game in the regular season. They made it to the title game.

(2) Fundidores de Monterrey 30 – (4) Raptors de Naucalpan 27

Fundidore’s WR Tavarious Battiste scored the winning TD

The Fundidores and Raptors delivered a classic semifinal game, but the game seemed to be a few point affair until late in the third quarter. In fact, the only points scored in the entire first half came from fundidores table football Rodrigo Aguilar in the first quarter, which gave his team a 3-0 lead. That score lasted until the third quarter when fundidores Offensive lineman Edgar Cortez pounced on a fumble in the Raptors’ end zone to push the lead to 10-0.

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The fourth quarter turned the game on its head and turned it into a classic.

At the beginning of the quarter running back Bryan Correa got the first points on the board for that birds of prey with a one-yard touchdown run to reduce the lead to 10-6. However, with just under 10 minutes left in the game, fundidores quarterback Shelton Eppler threw a 40-yard touchdown pass Daniel Pena and got the fundidores at 11, 17-6. Then the birds of prey cut the lead to three thanks to a 50-yard pass Bruno Marquez to the wide receiver Ivan Garcia with six minutes remaining to reduce the lead to 17-14 with the two-point conversion. Naukalpan then Correa grabbed the lead and capped a long drive with a one-yard jump into the end zone before the two-minute warning. However, Eppler sTruck hit again 30 seconds later with a massive 66-yard touchdown bomb to wide receiver Torino justice to give fundidores Back in the lead, 24-20.

Raptors RB Dan Avila jumped into the end zone with 15 seconds left

The scoring was far from over in this thriller birds of prey could get into their opponent’s red zone on their next drive and run back Dan Avila 15 seconds to go and 27-24 lead. But there was still time on the clock and fundidores quarterback Shelton Eppler of the league proved why he is the most valuable player. He threw a deep pass Torino justice at the 43-yard line and the smart receiver managed to step out of bounds. Then, five seconds left Eppler stepped back and hoisted the ball to the wide receiver Tavarious Battiste who broke a tackle at the 20 and passed defenders for the winning touchdown with no time left on the clock.

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