The Korean series that Netflix won’t even let go of

Brilliant attorney Woo Young-woo faces challenges in the courtroom and beyond as a newcomer to a major law firm and a woman on the autism spectrum. (netflix)

The hit Korean drama starring the 30-year-old actress comes on July 13, 2022 Eun Bin Park Vicinity Tae-Oh Kongocontinues to be crowned among the giant’s 10 most watched productions stream, This completes 8 weeks of approximately 54 million hours of playback. And 46 countries around the world rank it first.

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Divided into 16 chapters (in its first season), the story was a “boom” that, once it ended, left millions of followers wanting more, who will have to wait until 2024 when they can start with their new installment, the official, returns categorically confirmed. whereas, Netflix Other titles originating from South Korea are full of drama and equally compelling stories (some very popular) so you can keep enjoying them. Meet her below.

Park Eun-bin is a South Korean actress who plays lawyer Woo. (netflix)

“Woo Young-woo, a brilliant attorney with autism, must contend with the challenges of everyday life and the courts as she joins a top law firm.”

Hello, my dear

The 2020 romantic drama starring Dahlia Salem and Lee Jeong-un.  (netflix)
The 2020 romantic drama starring Dahlia Salem and Lee Jeong-un. (netflix)

Hello, my dear It focuses on the life story of a single woman with face blindness who finds a perfect companion on her life journey, a human hologram after her creative genius with whom she falls in love. There are 12 episodes in this series.

love is the goal

"love is the goal" It stars Im Si-wan and Shin Se-kyung.  (netflix)
“Love is the Goal” stars are Im Si-wan and Shin Se-kyung. (netflix)

Romantic drama based on the story of two boys. in the love is the goal A subtitle translator meets a famous multi-million dollar track and field star from his country. Although their world is so different, he falls in love with her and eventually leaves her predetermined world to follow his path and overcome obstacles with her.

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in this production. one of the heroes of Wu, an extraordinary lawyer,


A 70-year-old with a dream and a 23-year-old with a gift save each other from their complex reality and take on the challenge of becoming a dancer. (netflix)

Inspirational 2021 drama about ballet and Alzheimer’s. It’s a 12-part webcomic based on the story of a 70-year-old man named Devak Chul, who starts learning ballet at that age. And next to him Chae Rok, a 23-year-old dancer who gets lost while chasing his dreams. Life brings them together to support each other, unaware that their stories will never be the same again.

Navilera is the main role parking in-hwan You Song Congo,

eighteen class

In a colorful Seoul neighborhood, an ex-convict and his friends battle a powerful enemy to realize their ambitious dreams of opening their street bar. (netflix)

The official synopsis states, “In a Seoul neighborhood, an ex-convict and his friends face a powerful enemy to pursue their ambitious gastronomic dreams.” It’s a critically acclaimed 2020 production in their home country, which is rated worldwide as one of the best feature film series of the last five years. movie affinity. Ipopular actor in the lead role park seo-joonWith kwon na rough, ah bo-hyun, Kim Dae-mi, dong hee kim, Kim Hye Un, ju-boy lee, jae-myung yu You Yoon Kyung Ho,

It is one of the few South Korean films with black talent and is also based on a webcomic.

Alchemy of Souls

In the body of a blind woman, a powerful sorceress meets a man from a respected family who needs her help to change her destiny. (netflix)

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Alchemy of Souls There is a current year production that creates a fictional historical drama about the love and growth of young magicians dealing with celestial energies that also foreshadow their twisted fates. It follows the story of an aristocratic warrior named Nak-su, whose spirit is accidentally trapped in the weakened body of Mu-deok, a servant of the noble Jung UK.

it is starred Lee J Wook You Young So-min.

Others will continue to introduce you to the world of Korean dramas:

Even then (2021)

memories of youth (2020)

my first true love (2019)

love alarm (2019)

In the rain (2018)

emergency landing (2019)

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