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8 must-have gadgets from the 1980s that are now obsolete

Over the decades, the 1980s had more than its share of iconic technology, from Walkmen to VCRs to pagers. Most of the innovative gadgets and entertainment devices of the Reagan era are now obsolete, but they paved the way for a new generation of 21St-century like cell phones and voice-activated home appliances. Here are eight … Read more

Joel Kim Booster, Matt Rogers defend gay rom-coms, streaming releases – The Hollywood Reporter

fire island Stars Joel Kim Booster and Matt Rogers say some of the “wrong lessons” were learned from it brothers Box office performance and the word of mouth success of their rom-com. While appearing at the Gotham Awards on Monday night to accept the ensemble honors alongside his co-stars in the film from Searchlight Pictures, … Read more

FIFA 23 World Cup Stories release date and leaks

As FIFA World Cup 2022 progresses towards the knockout stages, the folks at EA have been hard at work updating the World Cup DLC that is available for free within it FIFA 23. Aside from the usual updates like faces, squad updates, etc., there are rumors of a new deck of cards coming to Ultimate … Read more

The new trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie reveals first looks at Donkey Kong and Princess Peach, plus some Mario Kart action

With each passing day we get closer to the potential blockbusters on the schedule 2023 new movie releases. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is one of those movies that’s going to try to be one of the biggest hits of the next year, and we have another roll of new footage that aims to sell … Read more

Studio 35’s legacy as the first theater in the United States to sell alcohol

Studio 35 has been a Clintonville staple on Indianola Ave since 1938. 3055. Photo credit: Courtesy of Studio 35. From AMC to Marcus Theaters, most theaters now offer drinks, but Clintonville’s Studio 35 was the first to do so. Originally established in 1938 as the Indianola Theater at 3055 Indianola Ave. opened, Studio 35 had … Read more

Rumor: Leaks reportedly suggest Mario and Luigi’s Brooklyn origins are canon in ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

The second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie was officially released, but allegedly leaked promotional posters may have revealed even more information than Nintendo and Illumination intended. Mario and Donkey Kong charge across The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023), Illumination, Nintendo in a colloseum full of red girders and monkeys TIED TOGETHER: John Leguizamo … Read more

When is Glass Onion on Netflix? Knives Out 2 streaming release date

Benoit Blanc’s return to detective play in Glass Onion has been eagerly awaited since the first rave reviews landed way back in September. In the Knives Out sequel, the detective returns to solve a new case, but its release date has been a real mystery to some viewers. After making its way through festivals this … Read more

Hunter x Hunter season 7 release date speculation, plot and more

What is the Hunter x Hunter season 7 release date? Since 1998, Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga has garnered a dedicated fan base, so much so that not one but two anime series have adapted the story. The first started in 1999 and ran for four seasons before ending. Then, in 2011, Madhouse rebooted for another animated … Read more

Post-slap safety isn’t the only big change the Oscars are making for 2023

With Will Smith slapping Chris Rock dominating the narrative surrounding last year’s Oscars, people may have forgotten the controversy that loomed over the ceremony leading up to the big night. This issue revolved around the Academy decision not to televise eight categories. Now, after last year’s backlash, they have announced that all 23 categories will … Read more

Man sentenced to 15 years for attempted arson at Oak Brook movie theater – Shaw Local

A Chicago man was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in prison after entering a guilty plea to attempted aggravated arson stemming from an incident at the Oak Brook Center AMC Theater in January 2018. David Ferguson, 33, appeared before Judge Margaret O’Connell in DuPage County Court Tuesday morning, who accepted his request and delivered the … Read more