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‘Story Game’ on Screambox: Content, Cast, Date and Latest Buzz About Horror Movies

We know that viewers who have enjoyed watching the Conjuring film series are horror fanatics. A well-written storyline with a spooky plot and terrifying evil spirits capitalizing on our fear of the unknown makes this genre more intriguing. Screambox is coming out with a scary and scarier horror anthology movie titled Story Game very soon.

The film revolves around three art students who go on a camping trip in Hawaii. They’re all betting on who can tell the best supernatural horror story. These young campers bring three famous Japanese ghost stories into the world and each story takes them deeper into this vicious game that suddenly turns their life into hell. While waiting for the film’s release, you can watch such horror series as Archive 81, Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, Hellbound, and A Classic Horror Story.


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When will Story Game be released and where can I watch it?

The highly anticipated anthology horror film will be released worldwide on June 21, 2022 on Screambox.

What is the plot of “Story Game”?

The story of the film revolves around the three art students James (Alberto Rosende), Nicole (Greer Grammer) and Michiko (Ayumi Ito). The three students go on a camping trip in Hawaii. During this journey, three of them make a bet on who of them all can tell the scariest and scariest supernatural story. Then one of the other characters asks James about a fascinating app his friend has developed. This app is called Story Game, which requires players to spin a wheel that determines a location, genre, and X-factor. Using these three factors, the person with the most unique yet terrifying story wins the game. These three friends tell the most famous ghost stories from Japan. It’s all fun until this becomes real and they get sucked into a nightmare where the supernatural spirits pull them all deeper into the game with no way out.

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The official synopsis reads: “On a camping trip in Hawaii, three art students make a bet: who can tell the best supernatural story?” According to the rules, each story must have three items: a metaphysical piece, a green-eyed character, and a location in Japan. The three young campers try to trick each other as they bring three famous Japanese ghost stories into the world, and things take a sinister turn as each story takes them deeper into the story game.”

Who stars in “Story Game”?

The cast of the horror anthology film is as follows.

Alberto Rosende as James

Alberto Rosende, 29, has made some amazing appearances on TV shows like Shadowhunters, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD. He will play the lead role of James in the anticipated horror anthology Story Game, due out June 21, 2022 on Screambox.

The rest of the cast includes Greer Grammer, Ayumi Ito, Lyrika Okano, Mari Yamamoto, Hyunri, Ken Yamamura, and a few others.

Latest news about horror anthology movie “Story Game”.

Story Game is a horror anthology film that greatly blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. It’s a spooky campfire-themed horror film that the creators didn’t reveal much in its trailer to keep curiosity intact. Watching the trailer, viewers are in for a supernatural treat that would satiate them creatively. “Story Game” was shot and filmed in scenic locations in Hawaii and Japan.


Story Game is written and directed by Jason K Lau. The film was produced by John C Ching, Deborah Y Lau and Nicole M Lau with Jason K Lau as executive producer. The film was supported by production companies TalkStory Productions, Geek Pictures and Hyperspective Studios. The film was presented by Cinedigm Entertainment Group, Bloody Disgusting, Screambox and Talkstory Productions.

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The official trailer of the Story Game movie has been released. You can also view it here.

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