Shudder brings the horror to a hot June schedule

Shudder is doing its part to heat up the summer this year with its June program which includes more originals and exclusives alongside the better known selection.

First off, Shudder’s queer horror collection is back, and this year it includes films by queer filmmaker Eloy de la Iglesia, who made horror movies in the 70’s and 80’s. Although he was well known in Spain, most of his work will be unknown to the rest of us.

Originals and exclusives coming to Shudder in June (previously covered by 1428 Elm) include:

  • Off-season (June 10th)
  • crazy god (June 16)
  • revealer (23rd June)
  • The long night (June 30th)

1 June:

eye of the cat – When his rich aunt tells him that she is giving her money to her cats, a young man begins to plot a murder.

In the mouth of madness – An insurance investigator searches for a horror author whose books literally drive people insane.

poltergeist – In this classic horror film, the Freeling family are first entertained by the paranormal activity taking place in their home. But when little Carol Anne is kidnapped by the supernatural beings, it’s time to get serious.

Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary – An American artist living in Mexico discovers that she is a vampire, and investigators get closer to the truth about her.

Shudder brings back a 1980 classic, Alligator

2th of June:

alligator – A family returns from a trip to Florida and brings home their baby alligator. When they decide their new pet is too much, they flush it down the toilet and it must survive by eating other animals dumped into the sewers by a science lab. I think you can imagine how that works.

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Alligator II: The Mutation – The sequel from 1991 alligator basically tells the same story, but this time Dee Wallace and Kane Hodder join in.

6th of June:
Backland – What could be better than a camping trip in the Canadian wilderness? When a couple visits the remote Blackfoot Trail, they find themselves in danger.

A lonely place to die – Climbers find a little girl all alone and scared and get more than they bargained for when they make the decision to save her. You must avoid not only the girl’s kidnappers, but also ruthless mercenaries sent to bring her back to her war criminal father.


The Long Night Poster – courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment

The wild boys – Five boys (all played by women) commit a crime and find themselves under the control of a demon. Arriving on an island, they begin a strange transformation.

June 13:

The Clovehitch Killer – Tyler is a normal kid who lives with his family in a small town in America. When he finds his father’s disturbing stash of porn in the shed, Tyler is convinced his father is the infamous Covehitch serial killer.

20th June:

The Freak Maker – College professor Nolter believes humans are destined to morph into plant-human hybrids, but his theory hasn’t been tested yet. What should a man do in this case? The answer is to kidnap female students and experiment on them.

grizzly – A dangerous grizzy rages in a national park, which of course results in the bloody death of the park visitors. In homage to Jaws, city officials insist the park be kept open, while rangers believe it should be closed until the bear is trapped.

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day of the animals – A group of animal friends on a camping trip are in danger when something starts causing all the animals to attack and kill people.

Are you overjoyed or overwhelmed by Shudder’s June program? Mute in the comments section.

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