Sherwood: Where was the new BBC drama filmed?

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Looking for a new series? The BBC might have your answer. A brand new drama Sherwood, With David Morrissey, Lesley Manville and Downton Abbey star Joanne FroggattIt starts on Monday evening and looks like an exciting watch.

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The series is based on the true story of a double homicide that took place in Nottingham in 2004. The synopsis states, “As suspicion and resentment build between lifelong neighbors and toward the police forces descending on the city, the tragic killings threaten to reignite historic divisions sparked three decades earlier during the miners’ strike.”

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WATCH: New BBC drama Sherwood begins Monday

Since the background and setting are part of the story, read on to learn more about where the cast and crew filmed the episodes.

Sherwood is set in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, where series creator James Graham grew up. James said in a statement that he was “moved” to see the surroundings on screen.

The BBC confirmed that many of the scenes were filmed on location, with the actors and production crew scaling up to towns such as Annesley and in and around Newstead.

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David Morrissey and Terence Maynard at Sherwood

It was also reported that filming took place in more than one location due to some setbacks caused by the pandemic. Other areas included Manchester, Bolton, Blackpool and Yorkshire.

Meanwhile, actress Joanne Froggatt, who portrays the character Sarah Vincent, has revealed her personal connection to the show thanks to growing up in the north of England.

Cast and crew filmed in and around Nottinghamshire

“I did not understand everything [the miners’ strike]because I think I was three or four, but it was part of my childhood,” she told the BBC.

“We learned it at school when I was older and I also learned it from my family who taught me how divisive that time was in Britain. It was interesting to look back as an adult and come back to see it with new eyes and gain a better understanding of the politics behind it.”

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