Senior Year: Viewers are all saying the same thing about Rebel Wilson’s new Netflix movie

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Rebel Wilsons new movie senior year just landed Netflix on Friday, but has already become one of the hottest films on the streaming platform.

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The film follows the Australian actress as a cheerleader trying to reclaim her high school life after being in a coma for two decades That’s uss Justin Hartley and clueless Actress and icon of the nineties Alice Silverstone. But is the film worth seeing? Find out what viewers said here…

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Many viewers who shared their thoughts on Twitter were full of praise for the film — and Rebel’s performance in particular. One wrote: “Just watching #SeniorYear on @netflix. It’s absolutely hilarious and @RebelWilson is absolutely wonderful. Your weird timing is spot on.”

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Another echoed this writing: “I just watched Senior Year on Netflix and I just want to say I really loved it. I was worried it would be like a teen drama show. But it tackled so many things and made me cry more than I care to admit. Give him a watch!”

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In the film, Rebel plays a former Cheerleader trying to reclaim her high school life​​​​​​

A third added: “#SeniorYear is actually decent! There are some heartfelt and nostalgic moments that are pretty good. Rebel Wilson and the entire cast deliver solid performances. There are some things that could have worked better and added more depth to the story, but it’s been solid for Netflix. 6/10.”

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Will you watch the new comedy?

Viewers also loved the flick’s nostalgic soundtrack. “Omg the #SeniorYear soundtrack is so bright and Rebel Wilson is killing it. She’s So High, Candy by Mandy Moore, You Drive Me Crazy by Queen Britney, Man I Feel Like A Woman by Queen Shania. I love this movie,” someone commented and another said, “My 2000s heart was so happy to see Senior Year on @netflix. The music. Clothes.”

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So will you watch? The film’s official synopsis reads, “She’s the captain of the cheerleading squad, dating the quarterback and on track to be prom queen. Girls want to be her and boys want to be with her. She has it all – until she falls off the top of the cheerleading pyramid and falls into a coma.

20 years later, Ruby finally awakens from her coma as a 37-year-old woman. She’s going back to her high school and trying to embrace her role as the star of her school. Above all, she’s still determined to win the crown as prom queen.”

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