Piano tuners team up for the Milford Theater Company

MILFORD – Christmas has come early for a Milford-based theater company.

Bert Bernardi, co-producer at Pantochino Productions, said the group craved a baby grand, but the cost was prohibitive, leaving them with an older piano and no hope of a newer model. That all recently changed thanks to the Piano Technicians Guild.

“We were very happy to have a baby grand in our studio,” said Bernardi. “When this opportunity arose, we were thrilled because we would have lived with the piano as it was. There was no line in our budget to restore our piano.”

Pantochino Productions is a non-profit theater company that puts on family-friendly productions.

Bernardi said that bringing the baby grand to Pantochino, a member of the guild and owner of the piano tuning company Gina’s Piano, was primarily the work of Gina Bonfietti.

“We had bought a Savers piano for a few dollars, and[Bonfietti]came in to tune it,” Bernardi said. “She asked me if we needed a baby grand and she said she knew someone who would one day downsize. Then I get a call from (Bonfietti) telling me that a baby grand is coming into the studio.”

Bernardi said the theater could not have afforded a baby grand, let alone the tuning and restoration process.

Bonfietti said the labor required for Pantochino’s piano would be about $1,000 a day, but the work is being done by volunteers from the Connecticut chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild.

“We hope we can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time,” she said.

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