No: Jordan Peele film release date in UK cinemas

Fans have waited four years for the director’s next film since he broke box office records with ‘Us’ in 2019.

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Peele became a household name after his 2017 Academy Award-winning film Get Out, which poignantly reflected race relations in America.

No, Peele will reunite with Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out), who plays the role of ranch owner Jim Haywood, along with his sister Emerald, played by Keke Palmer (Hustler).

Fans were excited after the last trailer was released in June and revealed some important clues.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jordan Peele’s latest film, Nope.

When is Nope coming to the cinema?

Nope hits UK cinemas on Friday 12th August.

In the US, it was released two weeks earlier on July 22nd.

Director Jordan Peele and wife actress Chelsea Peretti attend the world premiere of Universal Pictures’ “Nope” at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Is there a trailer

The trailer for Nope was released in June 2022, and Peele shared it on Twitter with the spaceship emoji.

Packed with suspense, drama and flying saucers, the eerie three-minute trailer introduces us to some of the main characters, including the Haywoods.

You can check out the latest trailer for Nope below.

What is the plot?

Peele is known for not sharing the plot of his films.

Nope’s website doesn’t have an official synopsis, with people assuming what to expect via the trailer.

It follows the story of ranch owners and siblings James and Emerald Haywood (Kaluuya and Keke Palmer) who run Haywood’s Hollywood Horses, named for their great-great-great-grandfather, Alistair E. Haywood, who rode the horse in the first motion picture ever made.

They witness a UFO and decide to set up a camera to capture it on film and make a quick buck, but the aliens are not happy.

Who plays in Nope?

Nope will star British actor Daniel Kaluuya as Jim Haywood, who Peele previously worked on with Get Out.

Screenwriter Win Rosenfeld, US-South Korean actor Steven Yeun, British actor Daniel Kaluuya, director Jordan Peele, actress Keke Palmer, actor Brandon Perea and producer Ian Cooper (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

He is joined by Keke Palmer (Hustlers), who plays his wife Jill.

Nope will also feature Steven Yuen (Minari) and Barbie Ferreira (Euphoria).

Here is the cast list for Nope:

  • Daniel Kaluuya: Jim Haywood
  • Keke Palmer: Emerald Haywood
  • Steven Yuen: Brian
  • Michael Wincott: Craig
  • Barbie Ferreira: Danielle
  • Donna MillsBonnie Clayton
  • Jennifer Lafleur: Phyllis
  • Andrew Patrick Ralston: Tom
  • Keith David: Bangs Haywood

What did the reviews say?

Nope has received mixed reviews in the press, but currently has an 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it part of their Fresh series.

In its review, The Guardian gave it a two star rating out of five, describing it as “a little meh”.

While Empire Magazine gave it a five out of five rating, calling it “An ambitious, provocative swing, Nope feels like that increasingly rare beast: an original blockbuster.”

Speaking to GQ Magazine about Nope, Peele explained, “I felt like the big summer blockbuster extravaganza movie, and the Great American Flying Saucer Story in particular is something I didn’t feel fully represented my perspective on.”

He added, “We need to make this big original blockbuster, and that in itself is part of what the film is about.

“It’s about occupying that space. It’s about existence. It’s about acknowledging the people who were wiped out on the way here.”

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