Murder at Yellowstone City trailer teases a western movie with a twist

If you need a good old western movie to get your nostalgic juices flowing, you’ll be glad to know Murder in Yellowstone City comes towards you. The story mixes classic Hollywood Golden Age genres with a crime thriller and a star cast. Set in the eponymous town of Yellowstone, the film follows a sheriff who immediately charges and jails a black man after a local prospector is murdered. However, as the murders progress, the townspeople quickly realize that everyone has something to hide.

The trailer for Murder in Yellowstone City suggests that the story is equal parts harrowing and action-packed, with the setting playing out almost like a horror movie and characters describing the city as an “evil place”. And it certainly seems to be, with religion and violence going hand-in-hand and a sheriff clearly abusing his power and dictating what goes on during his investigations.


After the kill, it only gets more complicated: it looks like the sheriff, the priest, the suspects, and the townsfolk all go into conflict mode and no one can trust anyone – a healthy scenario and, of course, not dangerous at all. Then everyone is for themselves as the bullets are flying all over the place.

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Murder in Yellowstone City is led by RichardGraywho has released new projects almost every year since his feature film debut summer coda. He also directed The lookalike and Pile of sugar. The script for Murder in Yellowstone City is written by Eric Belgauwho previously worked with Gray Robert the Bruce and also written Murder on the Yellow Brick Road.

The star-studded cast has Gabriel Byrn (Hereditary), Thomas Jane (The fog), Isaiah Mustafa (shadowhunters), Anna camp (Pitch perfect), Aimee Garcia (Lucifer), Emma Kenny (shameless), Nat Wolff (paper cities), and Richard Dreyfuss (Jaw).

Murder in Yellowstone City Premieres in theaters and on digital/on demand June 24. You can see the trailer below:

Watch the official synopsis here:

Once peaceful and booming, Yellowstone City has been through tough times, but things seem to turn around when a local prospector strikes gold. Any hope is soon dashed when the prospector is found dead and the sheriff quickly apprehends a mysterious newcomer. But nothing is that simple in this sleepy western town, and quite a few of the locals have secrets to keep and reasons to kill. As the brutal killings continue and neighbors pit against neighbors, Yellowstone City embarks on a bloody journey toward a final showdown that not all will survive.

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