Mexico: Gallos Negros de Queretaro

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic

That Gallos Negros de Queretaro had arguably the most intriguing inaugural season of any expansion team LFA Story.

This is a team that changed identities and rebooted, ending the season five games down but still managing to suddenly find their mojo in the playoffs and now find themselves Tazon Mexico V

How did they get here against all odds? The backstory is really unique.


Before that there was Gallos Negrosthere was the Condors CDMXthe ruler Tazon Mexico 2019 winners preparing for a new season after their 2020 season was cut short and their 2021 campaign canceled due to COVID. However, on November 10th there was an announcement in which the ownership group of the Queretaro Football club agreed to buy and withdraw the team Mexico City to Queretaro.

The intention was to keep it condors Moniker also in this period. However, just a month before the season began on February 3, the team revealed a new identity for the Gallos Negros and the LFA branded the team as a new franchise and placed the original condors Names below the “hiatus” to return in a future season.

regular season

Despite moving and relaunching as a new franchise, at its core it was still the same coaching staff and team led by the head coach. Felix Buendia. And their dominance late in their opening game against the Galgos of Tijuana reflected this as they smashed their “Expansion” brothers, 33-9.

After an early farewell week, they would be playing away against them again Dinosaurs by Saltillo, lose 24-10. This would continue a trend for the Gallos Negros for the rest of the regular season like after that overwhelming win on the road vs Galgos, they lost their remaining five games in the regular season. On the plus side, all of their games were losses except for the game against the dinosaurs after single digit numbers. In other words, they played close to everyone. Since the league decided to widen the playoff field from four to six, it only needed one win to reach the postseason.

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As the 6th seed in the playoffs Queretaro knew that to advance to the championship they had to pull off two upsets on the road. They would need their defense to step up and they would need their quarterback Marco Antonio Garcia to improve his passing game. They did well on both counts. In the wild card round against the Mexico’s CDMXthat Gallos Negros picked up their points on the board thanks to two big passing touchdowns Garcia early and their defense could be shut down Mexico back race Ruben Zendejas for the night and limited their overall offense to just seven points.

The next week was a rematch in the semifinals against the Saltillo dinosaurs. At the end of the season is the dinosaurs were cemented as number one and had it all. That was evident early in the game Saltillo took a 20-6 lead in the middle of the second quarter. However, the tide would change for them dinosaursthanks to their constant missed opportunities in opposing territory on offense and a crumbling, rushing defense that Gallos Negros roared back from a 14-point deficit, netted 21 unanswered points to walk away with a 27-20 win and take revenge on the league’s best team.

Now they have a championship date against them Fundidores of Monterrey in Tijuana and a chance for the head coach Felix Buendia to win back-to-back titles and end an unlikely season with a storybook ending.

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