Maverick’s captaincy may explain Charlie’s absence

The fact that Tom Cruise’s Maverick is still a Captain after so long might explain why his old love Charlie isn’t in Top Gun: Maverick.

Charlie’s absence in the highly anticipated Top Gun: Maverick can be explained by Maverick’s apparent professional stasis. Top Gun: Maverick finally hits theaters on May 27th, but not the whole original top gun Characters will return in the new film. While Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Iceman (Val Kilmer) have been confirmed to be back, Kelly McGillis is there top gun Heroine Charlie, Maverick’s love interest in the original film, will not appear in the sequel.

According to his plot synopsis Top Gun: Maverick will have a darker shade than the original top gun and see how the series addresses the character flaws that made Maverick such a ruthless renegade in the earlier film. The same traits seem to have kept him from promotion throughout his career since top gun ended, which might explain why he and Charlie never worked together.


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A possible explanation for Charlies Top Gun: Maverick The absence may be due to Maverick remaining captain despite over thirty years of service. While there’s nothing wrong with serving as a captain, the length of Maverick’s time in the Navy and his status as one of its top test pilots mean he should, in theory, have been offered numerous promotions from that position in the decades since the end of top gun. However, very much top gun focused less on real wars and more on Maverick’s internal conflicts, Top Gun: Maverick is intended to illustrate how Maverick has been emotionally trapped in his glorious 80’s since the end of the original film, which is manifested in his status as Captain. It feels like Maverick is stuck in time Top Gun: Maverick and was unable to break away from the helpless young recruit he was in top gunwhich makes it understandable that Charlie found it impossible to keep their relationship going.

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It would be difficult for any character to remain in a stable relationship with a renegade like Maverick, and since Cruise’s character didn’t settle down and soften in the years between films, it’s unsurprising that he and Charlie didn’t work out. The confident arrogance that made Maverick so charming top gun could become slightly scratchy shortly Top Gun: MaverickIn the terrific early reviews of , which praised Cruise’s performance, many noted that the once unstoppable antihero had a pathetic side in the sequel.

As such it would make sense Top Gun: Maverick to reveal that Cruise’s character lost his first love due to his inability to grow up, which is reflected in his lack of professional development. The same need for speed that made him irresistible to her could reasonably have driven Charlie away as Maverick failed to mature into adulthood, leaving him alone to ponder his choices. This humble, older version of Maverick is probably the one that is Top Gun: Maverick is presented in the sequel and reflects on the decisions that drove Charlie away and his decision not to settle down professionally or personally.

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  • Top Gun: Maverick/Top Gun 2 (2022)Release Date: May 27, 2022

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