Marvel’s Echo First Look: Alaqua Cox is coming as Maya Lopez

Marvel’s Echo First Look has been revealed by one of the world’s largest production companies on their official website. We can see Maya Lopez aka Echo played by Alaqua Cox sitting in the back of the van or truck just as we previously saw in Marvel’s Hawkeye in who was first introduced to her while working alongside Kingpin in New York City to to avenge her father’s death, and later she had realized that her father was killed by none other than Kingpin.

And by the end of the series, we had seen that she confronted Kingpin about her father’s death and had a gun pointed at him, but we hadn’t seen Kingpin’s death, so Kingpin will probably be back in the series in another series on MCU as well very soon. We’ll discuss Kingpin’s return to the MCU in another article, as he’s one of Spider-Man’s and Daredevil’s main enemies, so he’ll most likely be in Daredevil’s series or standalone film.

Echo First Look

As in the picture we can see the deaf gang leader in New York who used to work for Kingpin and now she had to flee New York because of her ruthless work in New York against Hawkeye and Kate Bishop (who is our new Hawkeye in MCU). and she will be joining Young Avengers soon).

First look at Marvel's Echo series
Marvel Studios

After Maya is in New York in her hometown where she is being pursued by new enemies and she has to deal with them, at the end we had seen from Hawkeye that she wanted to kill Kingpin, so maybe she created as many enemies after the incident and she wants to start her own gang in her hometown so the story of echo will revolve around maya’s journey to start her own gang and get powerful to defeat hawkeye next time since she is one of the main villains of in comics Hawkeye, Kate Bishop and Daredevil.

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Here’s the official recap of Marvel’s Echo

“The series follows Echo as she must confront her past and reconnect with her Native American roots in order to move forward.”

Possible release date of Marvel’s Echo series

Marvel’s Echo series is scheduled for release in late 2023 as Marvel Studios is currently in production on the series.

The cast of the series

According to Marvel’s official website, the cast of Echo Chaske will have Spencer (you may have seen him on the series Wild Indian and the English), Tantoo Cardinal, known for his role in Killers of the Flower Moon and StumptownDevery Jacobs (FX’s Reservation Dogs, American gods) and Cody Lightning (Hey, Viktor!, Four Leaves in the Wind), with Graham Greene (1883, Goliath) and Zahn McClarnon (Dark Winds, FX’s Reservation Dogs)

The series was directed by Sydney Freeland, who also directed an episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and few episodes Rutherford Fallsand two episodes of Grey’s anatomy but is famous for her film The best of Drunktown (Director and Screenwriter) and Catriona McKenzie, an Australian filmmaker and famous for her film satellite boy and TV series like Kiki and Kitty and Wrong kind of black.

Since She-Hulk Trailer was released today, I’ve discussed the possible characters that will appear in the series in another article.

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