Mark Ingram praises new Saints head coach Dennis Allen: ‘He’ll take care of us’

Many teams are going through big changes this offseason ahead of the start of the new NFL campaign, but while many teams are rebuilding from top to bottom, the New Orleans Saints have decided to “preserve the DNA” by promoting defensive coordinator Dennis Allen to head coaching position to have .

Sean Payton was the head coach of the Saints for 15 years (2006-2021) before retiring from his role at the end of last season. He led the team to their first Super Bowl victory in 2009, so it will be a difficult task for Allen to follow suit.

But while the Saints could look externally for a new head coach, they instead opted for Allen, who is familiar with how the team works, and that decision was praised by the players in the Saints dressing room.

Mark Ingram in particular has praised the decision to promote Allen, insisting the side’s DNA remained intact.

“I think it was tremendous to keep the DNA the same,” Ingram said.

“It’s not like it’s a complete remodel here. I think you have a team that can make a lot of noise and pull it off.

“Obviously we need to improve and get better and grow together as a unit, but I think keeping the DNA of the team, the culture of the team the same, I think that’s great and I think we’re all going to benefit from that.”

Allen will appreciate Ingram’s opinion given his eight-year experience with the Saints. Allen will also remain the team’s DC, while quarterback coach Pete Carmichael has been named the new offensive coordinator.

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“Obviously DA is different than Sean. But DA did a great job trying to keep it as normal as possible and giving it his own kind of flavor,” Ingram added.

“I think the defense are more used to it because they spent so much time with him in defense meetings. We only saw him sometimes when he had to step in. But I like him a lot.”

“I think he’s doing a great job with the team, he’s doing a great job in the team meetings, he’s doing a great job with us out there telling us let’s get our jobs done, let’s be efficient, let’s be effective , let’s improve, let’s work, let’s have a sense of urgency.

“He will take care of us and get us off the field. I think he did a great job. Just having the same DNA, the same culture of the team, I think that will be good for everyone in the dressing room. “

Allen is hoping to improve on the Saints’ 9-8 record from last season, when they finished second to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC South.

Their season begins on September 11 when they face the Atlanta Falcons in their opening game.

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