Make Your Mark Trailer unveils a magical adventure

Netflix today released the trailer for an upcoming animated special kicking off the next season of My little Pony. In My little pony: leave a mark, Magic has returned to the land of Equestria, and the Mane Five look forward to using it. However, not everyone knows how to use magic, which calls for an exciting event to show what their powers can truly achieve. The special is slated to premiere in a few weeks.

The trailer reveals that My little pony: leave a mark reproduces the stunning looking 3D animation used in the last film My Little Pony: A New Generation, and makes Maritime Bay look even more majestic. Throughout the 44-minute special, we’ll see ponies fighting to use magical powers throughout, making for fun and chaotic moments. This causes some residents to wish the magic had never returned.


But as Sunny Starscout says, how can anyone not love magic? So she enlists the help of Hitch, Pipp, Zipp and Izzy to prepare for Maritime Bay Day – the town’s annual festival – and put on a magic show that will convince everyone that magic is good. No, better than good: Super! Then it’s “Ponies unite!” Time with lots of action, glitter, dance and music … until, of course, the magic is threatened again. But before that little hiccup, kids surely have plenty of colorful and happy moments to enjoy.

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My little Pony is a mega-franchise that spans all media. The gargantuan fan base is constantly growing and even includes grown men who call themselves “Bronies” (yes, they exist, check it out). My little pony: leave a mark is being developed for TV by Gillian Berrow, who wrote several spin-off series of the franchise, as well as the previous Netflix film. The most important voice cast functions Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (I have never), Jenna Warren (Kody Kapow!), JJ Gerber (monster pack), Ana Sani (The young), AJ Bridel (Strange squad), and Bahia Watson (The story of the maid).

Along with the trailer, Netflix released an extensive and detailed synopsis, which you can check out here:

Months after magic returned to Equestria, Sunny Starscout and her new pony friends are excited to celebrate their new life on Maretime Bay Day! But while their party may have adjusted to the return of magic, many unicorns and pegasi still struggle to master their powers, frustrating the non-magical earth ponies who wish to return to what used to be. This division worries Zipp, who notices that the Unity Crystals have started to glitter and disrupt the magic for everyone. Zipp begins investigating and discovers that the glitches appear to be becoming more frequent and their chaos is further dividing the ponies of Maretime Bay. She tries to convince her friends that the Unity Crystals are acting strangely, but they think she doesn’t care and don’t believe her. That is, until they witness for themselves a Pegasus falling from the sky onto an earth pony. This spurs outrage from the Earth Ponies, who threaten to boycott Maretime Bay Day unless the town is made a magic-free zone. Now on her side, Zipp shares with her friends her discovery that magic is disrupted when ponies aren’t friendly to one another. Your mission now is to host such an amazing Bay Day that all the ponies come together in harmony to restore the magic. But when the earth ponies express their frustration at having pegasi and unicorns attend a holiday they consider their own, the disturbances escalate, causing a massive magical storm that threatens to engulf the city. In the end, it’s only the power of Sunny and her friends working together that saves the day. As the magic stabilizes, the earth ponies discover they now have powers too! Feeling trapped and realizing their mistake, they apologize and join the unicorns and pegasi in harmony to celebrate the rest of Maretime Bay Day together.

Netflix premieres My little pony: leave a mark on May 26th. The main series is set to debut in September. You can watch the trailer below:

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