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Members of the Lyric Repertory Company performed the 4th Vosco Call Spotlight concert commemorating their late founder and artistic director, Vosco Call (left).

LOGAN – The late Vosco Call would have been proud of the performers from the Lyric Repertory Company who sang in his honor on Tuesday, July 19.

Her professionalism and talent, like his, were remarkable.

The theme of the 4th The annual Vosco Call Spotlight concert was a film musical and the show opened with an ensemble selection of tunes from the Hugh Jackman film The greatest showman – an obvious homage to Vosco Call, performed impressively.

The Spotlight Concert is an annual event by the Lyric troupe in honor of their founder and first artistic director, Vosco Call.

In an amusing video clip that served as a prologue to the concert, masters of ceremonies Richie Call and Jason Spelbring were allowed to show off their vocal power and throw in a few self-deprecating inside jokes.

“This event was created to celebrate our patrons and showcase the talent of our company,” added Richie Call, personally greeting the audience. “We also hope to raise awareness and money for the Lyric Repertory Company Endowment Fund.”

Call said donations to this fund can be made through the Lyric website at

He also urged listeners to talk to their friends and neighbors about the Lyric Repertory Company.

Call had promised popular, family-friendly songs ranging from the golden age of movie musicals to current blockbusters, but the selection of tunes, brilliantly arranged by music director Lawrence Laureano, were all relatively contemporary.

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After opening remarks from Richie Call and Spelbring, the cast first turned their attention to tunes chosen from the inevitable Disney musicals. Timo Rasmussen played “Out There” from the score The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Kelly McGaw sang “Show Yourself”. Frozen II; and Carolina Flores Parada sang “La Llorona”. coconut in Spanish.

These performers and others in the concert cast were all from Lyric’s ongoing production Crazy Friday.

Moving on to composer Stephen Sondheim’s grittier music, Kat Lee played the amusing “I Know Things Now.” In the forestfollowed by the concert’s ensemble singing the haunting “Children Will Listen” from the finale of that show.

Also from Sondheim, Dan Webb performed “Being Alive”. company and the versatile Blake Bundy beautifully sang “Not a Day Goes By.” We roll along happily.

Then Laureano rocked the house with a touching rendition of “Losing My Mind” from the Sondheim musical follies.

Other highlights of the evening included Keaolani Hosino singing “I Didn’t Plan It” from the musical Waitress by pop star Sara Bareilles; a dramatic performance of “I Am Changing”. dream girl by Jimmy Haynie; a Les Mis mash-up duet by Sydnee Fullmer and Grace Garner; and McKenna Walwyn and Preston Rowland perform the “Elephant Love Medley”. Moulin Rouge!

Other Spotlight concert cast members include Kaito Davis, Mia Gatherum, Christopher Klinger, Lacy J. Dunn and Carlwell Redman.

The 4th The annual Vosco Call Spotlight concert will be repeated on July 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the Morgan Theater on the Utah State University campus.

In a way, the late Vosco Call was the grandfather of the entire performing arts scene here.

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Cache Valley native Vosco Call was already an accomplished stage actor when he joined the faculty at Utah State decades ago.

He was one of the founding members of the university’s Modern Theater Arts program, where he helped shape several generations of future performers.

Vosco Call also played a key role in the acquisition and restoration of the Caine Lyric Theatre. In 1967 he founded the Old Lyric Repertory Company and the rest, as they say, is history.

The theater patriarch passed away in 2019 at the age of 91.

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