“Jurassic World Dominion” is heading to over 50 million US dollars – deadline

SATURDAY UPDATE: Universal/Amblin Entertainment Jurassic World Dominion has an early start at the international box office, landing in line with the previous two films in the rebooted franchise. Until Friday it was directed by Colin Trevorrow JWD recorded $25.9M from 15 overseas markets. As noted yesterday (see below), Blue and crew are eyeing a $50+ million open in these first few plays. In like-for-likes and including previews, 2015 Jurassic world made $47.3 million in 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom came in at $59.8 million.

Korea continues to lead all 15 markets in the picture reuniting the legacy cast with the Chris Pratt/Bryce Dallas Howard iterations in this session. Gross earnings are $8.4 million through Friday and an estimated $11.6 million to date (Saturday’s numbers are not included in the international total above). JWD is still in a tight fight with the local remnant The abstractbut it’s estimated to have risen 147% from Friday to Saturday.

Latin America is above average Mexico added $2.9 million in Dino Dollars on Friday. JWD #1 in every theater and had an 84% market share. Friday’s result is the third-best of the pandemic, behind Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The total there as of yesterday is $8 million.

Elsewhere, Italy hit $1.9 from Thursday and Friday, up 23% Fallen Kingdom. It’s very hot weather in the market and masks are still compulsory in cinemas.

Hong Kongwhich uses the Dragon Boat Festival is now at $1.4 million, almost in line with the previous two films at the same time.

in the Brazil, JWD grossed $1.3 million in two days, which is 19% higher Fallen Kingdom. 3D accounts for 46% of the box office so far. Other markets include Argentina ($900,000 by Friday and on track for franchise’s best launch); Central America ($693,000 including 2022’s second largest Friday); Chile ($540,000, well above the last two franchise installments); and Peru ($612,000 through Friday, which currently tops previous films and The Batman).

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We will have a full update on Sunday.

PREVIOUS FRIDAY UPDATE: Universal/Amblin Entertainment Jurassic World Dominion increased its offshore presence to 15 markets on Thursday and is cumulative $16.7M from those early releases to yesterday. The reboot threequel now looks to an international box office surpassing $50 million opening this session. Domestic releases on June 10, as will 44 other offshore markets next week, including China, where the film is leading pre-sales for this frame.

The one directed by Colin Trevorrow JWD currently led by Korea and also shines in Latin America.

Korea, as previously mentioned, opened in a big way on Election Day Wednesday, setting a pandemic record and scoring the fourth-best arc of all time. It experienced a typical post-holiday decline on Thursday and then surged today. The film faces competition from local hits, The abstractthat’s cracked up in the market that hasn’t had a native title in a while. JWD‘s Cume through Friday in Korea is $8.4 million (Friday’s $1.3 million share is not reflected in the above international total).

Italy is the only European market where JWD storms out this weekend and had a strong $1.3M bonus on Thursday to start 75% above Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and 15% above Jurassic world. Performance was helped by the national bank holiday. This is the best UPI opening in the pandemic ahead no time to dieand the third best overall opening of the Covid era, behind Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

After squeezing past previews for the latest law Movies on Wednesday (see below), Mexico added $2 million on Thursday for a previous cume of $5.1 million. JWD commanded an 84% market share and marked the third-best performance on the second day of the current era, again by a narrow margin Spider-Man: NWH and Doctor Strange 2.

Brazil opened Thursday on 1,847 screens for $600,000 Jurassic world and outstanding Fallen Kingdom (+52%) and poison 2 (+25%) It is the fifth largest opening of the pandemic.

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Argentina grossed $400,000 on Thursday, well above the previous one law title as well Top Gun: Maverick. Fifty-two percent of the box office was generated by 3D in the market. This is the third-best opening of the pandemic, again behind the two most recent Marvel films.

Central America also started Thursday at $400,000 — a franchise high and UPI’s biggest opening day of the pandemic.

Other Latin American markets, including Peru ($300,000) and Colombia ($200,000), are enjoying strong starts.

More will follow over the weekend.

BEFORE, THURSDAY: Universal/Amblin Entertainment Jurassic World Dominion stormed in Mexico on Wednesday with previews worth $3 million. That’s the best opening preview performance in the rebooted franchise, surpassing that of 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by 53% and 2015 Jurassic world by 81%. Both of the previous films had sneaks on vacation.

As we found out yesterday, Colin Trevorrow directed domination is rolling out its Dino print in 15 early overseas markets this weekend, ahead of the domestic arch on June 10th. Forecasts for the current international cash framework are over $45 million, although we’ll have a clearer picture tomorrow when more numbers emerge, including as of the Brazil, Hong Kong, and Italy rollouts.

Regarding Mexico, yesterday’s $3 million represented the third-largest open in the market since the pandemic began, surpassed only by Spider-Man: No Way Home while 15% lag behind Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when comparing begins Wednesday. Technically, Doctor Strange and JWD were both in preview on a Wednesday, although the releases are about the size of an opening day.

Chris Pratt/Bryce Dallas Howard starring domination, which also welcomes back veteran casts like Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, achieved an 88% market share in Mexico on Wednesday and took first place in all theaters. It also had the third-best opening for UPI behind it fate of the angry and angry 7.

Also, as already mentioned, JWD trampled in Korea on Wednesday with $6 million for the fourth-biggest opening day ever on the market — and the best arc from the pandemic era. Wednesday was the election day holiday and as a result there was a sharp drop today. The two-day total is now $7.1 million.

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domination takes place four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar. Dinosaurs now live – and hunt – side by side with humans around the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and decide once and for all whether humans should remain the apex predators on a planet they now share with history’s most fearsome creatures.

The latest installment in the $5 billion+ franchise also includes new cast members DeWanda Wise, Mamoudou Athie, Dichen Lachman, Scott Haze and Campbell Scott. Recurring cast members include BD Wong, Justice Smith, Daniella Pineda and Omar Sy.

The screenplay is by Emily Carmichael and Trevorrow, based on a story by Derek Connolly and Trevorrow and based on characters created by Michael Crichton. Producers are Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley. Executive producers are Steven Spielberg, Alexandra Derbyshire and Trevorrow.

We will have updates throughout the weekend.

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