JORDAN RUDESS says “It was brave” by MIKE PORTNOY to see current DREAM THEATER line-up perform in concert

ex-DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy attended the group’s March 4 concert at the Beacon Theater in New York City. It was the first time Portnoy witnessed the live performances of his former bandmates since he left the legendary progressive metal formation more than 11 years ago.

Corresponding DREAM THEATER Fans who attended the show, singers James LaBrie gave Portnoy a shoutout from the stage and mike waved. Several fans also took photos of it Portnoy at the venue, with mike and his wife are said to have observed the performance near the soundboard of the Beacon Theatre.

The next day, Portnoy shared some backstage photos from the concert, and he added the following message: “After 36 years I was finally able to celebrate my 1 DREAM THEATER Show last night! It was a wonderful evening and it was a great pleasure to be able to spend time with my old friends again.”

In a new interview with Sea Of Tranquility’s Pete Pardo asked how it was for him to see this Portnoy at the New York concert, DREAM THEATER keyboardist Jordan Rudes said (as transcribed from BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Well, mike and I’ve been friends [in the years since his departure]. Nothing really interrupted that. There was definitely a tough time, but that’s obvious. It was great. It was brave of him. I’m sure it took some – I don’t know what the word is – some guts or whatever to put yourself in that position because it’s a bit awkward, especially because there were different guys with different situations on, different relationships. So he said, “I’m going,” and I think it’s great that he did. And it meant a lot – it meant a lot to everyone. It meant a lot to all of us, and it also helped smooth some relationships, as everyone knows; You see everything online. But it was great to see him. And I’m so glad he came. And it must be cool to see one DREAM THEATER Show. [Laughs]”

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Last month, LaBrie told Sonic Perspectives that it was “great” to reconnect with him Portnoy at the New York show. “The thing is, you get to a point in life where you… you can’t carry that around with you. Don’t carry hate around with you; don’t carry negativity around with you.” LaBrie said. “We’ve carried it around far too long in my opinion and it hasn’t served a purpose; it just served the damn division. It was very divisive and very damaging.

“Well, it’s great to be back”, James added. “We talk to each other, we chat and all that stuff. And that’s the kind of world I want to live in, as opposed to negativity, hate and damn… It’s just not worth it. It is not worth it. “

Portnoythe co-founder DREAM THEATER 37 years ago, in September 2010, the band left abruptly while on tour AVENGED SEVENFOLD. It has now been replaced by mangini (ANNIHILATOR, EXTREME, STEVE VAI).

Portnoy was a guest DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci‘s second solo album, “Top speed”which was released in August 2020 via Sound Mind Music/The Orchard. The effort marked the first time Petrucci and Portnoy recorded together for over a decade and played together for the first time since Portnoy left DREAM THEATER.

In a 2017 interview with Rockhok, Portnoy insisted he had “no yearning for a reunion”. DREAM THEATER but said he would return to his former band “for the fans”. He explained: “The ball is in their court, to be honest. I have no desire to reunite with them; it’s not necessarily something I do or want to do. I’m very happy with all the eighty-seven bands I have “I’m busy right now so I need this. But I would do it for the fans because I’m a very sentimental person and I have a lot of great, loving memories these guys and the times. I’m a sentimental guy.” , so I would never close the door. Well, really, the ball is in their court, honestly. [But] if you ask me about the odds [of a reunion happening]I’d say don’t bet on that because I know their personalities too and I don’t think they’re the type to look backwards.”

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A few years ago, Portnoy said Noisy that he left DREAM THEATER because he wanted to broaden his musical horizons. “[I didn’t] wanna go to my grave and just be the drummer DREAM THEATER“, he said. “I knew I had a lot more to offer.”

After 36 years I was finally able to see my 1st Dream Theater Show last night! 🤣 It was a wonderful evening and it was so…

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