Jordan Peele’s sci-fi horror film consumes you in its bizarre story

nope is a science fiction horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele. It stars Daniel Kaluuya as Otis Jr. Haywood/OJ, Keke Palmer as Emerald Haywood/Em, Steven Yeun as Ricky Jupe Park, Brandon Perea as Angel Torres, Michael Wincott as Antlers Holst, and Keith David as Otis Haywood Sr. Hoyte van Hoytema see the cinematographer and Nicholas Monsour edited the film. The running time is 130 minutes.

The synopsis reads: “Residents of a secluded canyon in central California are witnesses to an eerie and terrifying discovery.”

No, the review does not contain spoilers

At Jordan Peele nope, OJ and his sister Em witness a spectacle in California that threatens lives. OJ is a ranch owner and takes care of horses that have been there since his father’s time. The Haywood families have provided horses to Hollywood for their films and filming. But the menace in the sky changes everything for the Haywoods.

Over 130 minutes, OJ, Em and others try to figure out what the flying UFO-like thing in the clouds is and how to save yourself and make money off it. Eventually, alien footage will bring them fame and fortune. But will they survive the danger? In the end we find answers.

“Get Out and Us” was Peele’s best, most terrifying work. With nope film, the writer-director has taken a casual approach to storytelling. The first hour is slow, with a lot of confusion as to what is happening. The structure of the premise leaves us with many questions to which we will hopefully have answers in the end.

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For OJ and Em it’s all about capturing the crazy thing in the sky on camera, selling it and making lots of money. But little did they know that what they are dealing with is sucking people in and killing them. The UFO-like creature is very picky about what it likes. Its stomach has no room for plastic, steel, paper and the like. Everything it desires is flesh and blood.

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Aside from the danger in the present, Jordan also teases us about a creepy incident that happened on the sets of a TV show. The characters were mercilessly killed by a chimpanzee that was part of the show. Only one person survived to tell the story. But what really happened to the chimpanzee? Does it have to do with the story? This is another waiting game for the spectators.

The second hour is comparatively better, has a good pace and keeps us on the edge of the seat. As OJ, Em and Angel carry out a plan to find out what the UFO-like beast in the sky is, we see plenty of bloodshed and crazy happenings. The third act built up a lot of tension and kept me captivated but highly confused. I’m still confused as to what really happened. After thinking about the film for a day since seeing it, I realized that not everything has to have an answer.

As humans, we cannot have answers to everything that is happening around us. The more we search for answers, the closer we get to suicide. At least in Jordan Peele’s horror universe. However, I wish there was some clarity about so many things that happened in the story that I saw on the big screen.

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Daniel Kaluuya as OJ is not much of a talker. He’s just like us, trying to figure out what on earth is going on! He’s doing a good job. Keke Palmer brings a lot of energy to the sci-fi horror as Em. She is funny, radiant and shines the most. Your scenes with Daniel will make you laugh. Actor Brandon Perea is hilarious as Angel.

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Nope film review: final thoughts

In total, nope The film is an interesting take on horror cinema that has some incredible moments but also leaves you confused. It’s not dark and spooky like Peele’s previous films. This time, humor prevails.

The third act is whimsical, wild and engaging. The actors did a fantastic job. The scene that scared me the most is when the UFO-like creature takes on its full form during the climax. It looked like those creepy creatures I sometimes see in my nightmares.

The film is now showing in Indian cinemas. Book your tickets here.

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