Jordan Mailata of the Eagles, Landon Dickerson and their bromance

The Eagles announced this offseason that they are not moving Landon Dickerson. Nor should they.

Because Dickerson and Jordan Mailata created a nearly impenetrable wall down the left side of the Eagles’ offensive line that will hopefully last for the next decade or so.

And they’ve become really good friends in the process.

“We have a good bromance,” Mailata said last week.

Mailata and Dickerson obviously spent a lot of time together on the field and at the NovaCare complex, but they also hang out a lot outside of the building. Their friendship has grown really strong. And it keeps getting stronger.

You haven’t had your fill yet.

“When it’s not about food, we play golf. If it’s not golf, it’s bowling,” Mailata said. “If it’s not bowling…shooting…I don’t know what else. If anyone has any suggestions as to what we should do let me know.”

For the record, Mailata said Dickerson was the much better golfer.

He’s also a pretty good footballer. Dickerson was a second-round pick from Alabama last year but was a first-round talent who slipped due to injury concerns. He made it through Year 1 without any major incidents and ended up playing at a high level.

In the 2021 season, Dickerson started as a right guard for the first time in place of the injured Brandon Brooks, but when Isaac Seumalo went down, Dickerson switched to left guard and did not return. Mailata and Dickerson eventually started 10 games, including the playoff game, side-by-side on the left side of the line. That’s almost £700 on this side.

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The Eagles could have opted to give Seumalo back his old job at left starter and move Dickerson back to right flank in his sophomore year. But after seeing Mailata and Dickerson together last year, the Eagles are making a wise choice.

It’s a combination that Howie Roseman praised throughout draft weekend. Roseman compared Mailata/Dickerson to what the Eagles once had with Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks at right.

“First of all, it’s a very high appreciation,” Mailata said. “Really honored that Howie said that. You see Landon and I and just our relationship that we have on and off the field.”

It really extends beyond the field. Johnson and Brooks became really close friends during their playing time together, and it seems like Mailata and Dickerson are on that path, too.

Mailata genuinely believes this helps them on the field for an important reason.

“The kidnapping is important in my opinion,” Mailata said. “What you do off the field and build that brotherhood, brotherly love off the field. If you can take that to the field because you start loving that person as your brother. This is how I see everyone in my dressing room. I love her like a brother. And when I’m playing for my family, I always want to push harder and faster. Like I said, I just want to push that extra limit so I can get things done.”

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