Johnny Depp’s Hollywood comeback could be Beetlejuice 2, not Pirates 6

Johnny Depp has been rumored to have been cast in Beetlejuice 2, meaning his Hollywood comeback may not be Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Johnny Depp may have won his libel suit against Amber Heard, but will it be enough to make him a hot name in Hollywood again? Many fans are still clinging to the hope that he will return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as his beloved character, Captain Jack Sparrow. However, if you believe rumours, bug juice 2 could be Depp’s first step towards a comeback.

bug juice revolves around the story of a dead couple who return to the land of the living as ghosts, intent on evicting a troublesome family from their former home. Over the years, the film has achieved cult status, and there has been much debate among its die-hard fans as to whether a bug juice Continuation is even necessary.


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According to some reports, including one from the National Post, Depp’s much-anticipated Hollywood comeback may not happen Pirates of the Caribbean, but a very different franchise: bug juice. Rumors that Depp has been cast in a sequel project planned for 2025 surfaced after his name reportedly appeared on a call sheet circulating on Google. Depp was cast alongside Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, both of whom are said to be reprising their original roles in the 1988 Tim Burton film. When fans found out Depp could be involved, they were all in favor and said they’d be thrilled to see him as a part of the classic story, no less than his old flame, Ryder.

Ryder spoke to USA TODAY earlier this year and expressed her enthusiasm for the rumored project. She explained that the only way they could do justice to the sequel was if everything was “perfect” and “all the people” from the original film were present. However, we can assume Ryder wouldn’t object to Depp coming on board despite not being an original actor, given that she has publicly defended him against Heard’s allegations during their protracted legal battle.

The IMDb page for bug juice 2 was also updated with an unconfirmed bug juice 2 Synopsis mentioning the return of the original cast as well as some “newcomers”. Although Depp wasn’t mentioned in the description, many people have assumed that Depp will be one of the newcomers, alongside comedian Will Arnett and stranger things Star David Harbour.

bug juice 2 is reportedly in the works at Warner Bros. and is currently eyeing a 2025 release date.

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Source: IMDb, National Post

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