ITV’s Ridley: Viewers were stunned to discover a cameo from the Line of Duty star in the latest episode

Nicky Morris

Ridley Viewers were stunned on Sunday night as they tuned in to watch a exercise of duty Star appear in the latest episode of the ITV drama.

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Taking to social media, many fans were delighted to see actor George Costigan as Ray Trevice in the episode.

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The 75-year-old played corrupt former Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank in the popular BBC police drama.

Fans of the show will remember that in the third series Patrick was revealed not only as a twisted cop but also as a high-profile sex offender when Steve and Kate investigated the death of social worker Oliver Stephens-Lloyd.

One viewer tweeted: “IT’S PATRICK FAIRBANK #ridley,” while another added, “After Patrick Fairbank showed up and ran a record store, I’m starting to think it’s actually Ted undercover in #ridley.”

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“Fairbank and Hastings have reunited,” wrote a third viewer, prompting a fourth to respond excitedly, “OH MY GOD THAT’S IT‘ while another jokingly added, ‘That’s clearly ex-Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank behind all that beard. You’d think #Ridley (or whatever Ted Hastings calls himself these days) would recognize that.”

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George Costigan appeared in episode three

A number of other viewers couldn’t help but praise the episode, with one person tweeting, “A cozy crime thriller with a great cast. Just perfect for a Sunday night!” while another added: “Really enjoyed #Ridley.”

For those still catching up on the first three episodes, the crime drama features Adrian Dunbar as retired Detective Inspector Ridley, who is lured out of retirement by his former protégé, Acting DI Carol Farman, who enlists him as a police consultant captivating murder investigation.

Adrian Dunbar plays DI Ridley

The synopsis reads: “Carol turns to her old mentor for support and is keen to gain access to Ridley’s unique insight into crime solving that has served her so well in the past.

“With more intriguing cases to solve, Ridley will be lured out of retirement into his former role and his impressive and successful partnership with Carol will be rekindled.”

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