IShowSpeed ​​net worth in 2022

IShowSpeed ​​is a video content creator best known for its work on YouTube. He is well known for his gaming and entertainment live streaming content as well as for the time he gained over 1 million followers in just a few days in 2021. He first created his account in 2016 and it currently has 7.89 million subscribers. However, in this article, we will talk about IShowSpeed ​​net worth in 2022.

net worth 1 million dollars
Age 17
salary unknown
sponsors N / A
profession YouTubers, streamers

IShowSpeeds netc wplace in the year 2022 (estimate): 1 million dollars

IShowSpeed ​​2022 net worth, IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed ​​net worth in 2022 is estimated at $1 million. This is according to several reputable sources such as techie gamer.

Now let’s learn more about the life of the young content creator and YouTube personality.

Darren Watkins Jr. was born on January 21, 2005 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a younger brother and sister who grew up in their hometown of Cincinnati for most of their lives.

From a young age, Darren Watkins Jr. was fascinated by computer games and the size of the YouTube community, which was one of the factors that led him to create and upload content to the platform.

Before joining the online community, however, he worked at a nursing home where he delivered groceries to residents.

Darren Watkins Jr. first created his account on March 21, 2016 and published his first video on December 21, 2017. It was named IShowSpeed. He made his first live stream playing Fortnite but he only averaged 2 viewers throughout the stream.

In 2020, he himself was actively live streaming NBA 2K games and Fortnite. During this time his fan base started to grow as he then averaged 10 viewers on his streams and he was adding 150 new subscribers weekly.

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Except NBA 2K and Fourteen days, he is also known for his rivalry with Talking Ben from the Talking Tom and Friends franchise. He would typically argue with Ben on the Talking Ben the Dog app and would usually ask Ben questions, e.g. B. if he supports the LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter movements.

In early 2021, IShowSpeed ​​began gaining 1,000 weekly subscribers and an average of 350 viewers on its live stream. He passed the 100,000 subscriber mark in April 2021. That same year, IShowSpeed’s fan base began uploading clips of him during his live streams on TikTok. This helped him reach 1 million subscribers in June 2021.

After its rise to success, IShowSpeed ​​collaborated with various music producers and started writing songs. He currently has 4 songs to his name; Bounce that A$$ (2021), Dooty Booty (2021), Shake (2022) and God is Good (2022). This obviously helped increase IShowSpeed’s net worth in 2022.

Unfortunately, he was also involved in a few controversies. On December 13th, 2021, IShowSpeed ​​​​was invited to Adin Ross’ live dating show he hosted on Twitch. During the show, he asked social media influencer Ash Kaash if he would procreate with him if they were the last humans on earth keeping the populace going.

She said no and IShowSpeed ​​became aggressive with its approach. He temporarily left the stream after Adin Ross told him to calm down. However, when he returned, he targeted Ash Kaash with sexist slurs. Then he was forcibly removed from the stream.

Because of this incident, clips of their exchange went viral and he received heavy backlash. The following day, IShowSpeed’s Twitch account was permanently banned. Despite this, his channel continued to grow and he continued to stream on YouTube after his ban from Twitch.

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As for what he earns, IShowSpeed ​​told me he makes around $75-$200 per upload depending on the length of his streams. He also makes money from YouTube ad revenue and sponsorships. He reportedly makes $167,000 every month from the ads on his YouTube videos.

IShowSpeed ​​also created other channels. He created his second channel on June 1, 2021 with the name Live fast. He posts highlights of his past live streams on this channel and currently has 1.95 million subscribers.

His third channel Fast Boykins, contains short clips of his videos and live streams. As of this writing, it has 438,000 subscribers. its main channel, IShowSpeedhas 7.9 million subscribers.

There is no question that his popularity and following will continue to grow over time. It won’t be a surprise if it surpasses 10 million subscribers before the end of 2022.

Given all of the above, were you surprised at IShowSpeed’s 2022 net worth?

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