Investment pioneer Icicb from Dubai in talks about possible cooperation with American football superstar

Dubai, United Arab Emirates / ACCESSWIRE / May 24, 2022 / ICICB has grown into one of the fastest growing multinational companies and has tenaciously turned its mission of leading the digital transformation era into reality. Serving a variety of industries including digital finance, jewellery, commercial real estate and more, the tech giant has a proven track record of creating waves of disruptive new businesses and offerings with rigorous determination. Innovative investment firm ICICB recently announced its intention to partner with Antonio Brown and bring a remarkable twist to the burgeoning technology in the crypto sector by launching its own fully interactive blockchain solution, which will stand out from fierce competitors for its remarkable attributes.

Antonio ‘AB’ Tavaris Brown is an American football wide player and future Hall of Famer who has played in the NFL for over a decade. Throughout his successful career, which began in 2010, he was the architect of building an empire worth over $100 million through consistent performance as well as involvement in other successful business projects. His brilliant career span includes involvement with several successful professional teams such as the Raiders, Patriots, Steelers and Buccaneers from 2010 to 2018. During his NFL career he has had numerous notable achievements including winning an AFC championship in 2010 and is four-time Pro Bowl selector and two-time First Team All-Pro. Additionally, Brown was named AFC Offensive Assistant Player of the Year and was the 2014 NFL Receiving Yards Leader, among many other credible accomplishments.

Leading private equity firm ICICB is in advanced talks to collaborate on the American conglomerate’s business projects. Among the notable ventures ‘AB’ has embarked upon is the creation of his own real estate company called Booming Estates, named after the catchphrase “Business is Boomin'”. This company has a notable track record and has also worked with Floyd “Money” Mayweather on the commercial real estate projects. He also owns the ’84/7′ gym in Florida along with 5 homes across the US. In addition, Brown’s Boomin Productions brand spans many other diverse avenues within the business world, including entertainment and licensing. After starting to build his music career and releasing 2 albums as well as many other singles like Whole Lotta Money, Brown started his own record label which made him CEO of CAB Records at the age of just 31. He will perform at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami on the opening day of the June festival.

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Additionally, Antonio Brown already has a clothing line and plans to expand his relationship with rap sensation Kanye West, having previously collaborated on several projects including Dondo Sports, where he is President. The American footballer, who continues to push his TV appearance on Dancing on Stars season 22, is in talks with ICICB about potentially collaborating on projects outside the norm for the benefit of the business community.

About the ICICB Group

ICICB is a private equity firm specializing in financial services and investment offerings. They have grown into one of the fastest growing multinational investment companies and are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The group serves a variety of industries including digital banking, consulting, medical care, commercial real estate and more. In recent years, ICICB’s mission has been to develop and advance digital technology integrated into everyday life to increase efficiency and sustainability.


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