Indian writer accuses Karan Johar of stealing his idea and story of upcoming film JuJugg Jeeyo

The upcoming movie from Indian filmmaker Karan Johar Jug Jugg Jeeyo was in the news for all the wrong reasons. An author has now come forward with a plagiarism claim about the script and the story.

His upcoming film was first hit by plagiarism claims from singer Abrar Ul Haq, who accused the filmmaker of copying his song in the film. Haq took to Twitter on Monday and claimed that he hadn’t sold his song To Punjaban to the film’s creators and that “producers like Karan Johar” shouldn’t copy songs.

The singer also threatened legal action, while T-Series, a music record label, claimed that they did not copy the song and in fact bought the rights to it through Indian record label Movie Box.

Now a new case has surfaced on the internet. Author Vishal A Singh also took to Twitter and claimed the film’s story was copied from the story he submitted to Dharma Productions, Johar’s company, two years ago in hopes of a collaboration.

In one thread, Singh accused Johar and his production house of stealing his story idea for Jugjugg Jeeyo. “Had registered a story… Bunny Rani with SWA India in January 2020,” he wrote.

“I formally wrote to Dharma Movies in February 2020 for an opportunity to co-produce with them,” he added. “I even got an answer from them. And they took my story… and made it Jug Jugg Jeeyo. Not fair, Karan Johar.”

Singh calls the “Chori Chakari”

The author also attached screenshots of the email he sent to Somen Mishra, the head of creative development at the production house.

In a separate tweet, Singh wrote: “Kahaani achchi lage agar.., baat karo.,. haath milaao.,. saath milke banaao? (If you like the story, talk to me and do it with me?) It doesn’t fit a prestigious banner or for that matter… production house to do chori – chakaari (theft). If that can happen to me… it can happen to anyone in the Hindi cinema industry.”

Meanwhile, Mishra responded to Singh’s claims in a tweet, saying the affected party must take legal action and stop threatening on Twitter. “We do not comment on speculation and hearsay. Nothing has been received by our legal team,” he wrote.

Dharma Productions has not officially responded to either Vishal’s or Haq’s claims. The director and cast are busy promoting the film themselves. Needless to say, India has an old habit of plagiarism.

Musician and actress Hadiqa Kiani also vowed to take “appropriate action” against parties who have “illegally claimed” her songs since the ’90s, after criticizing Indian singer Kanika Kapoor’s recently released and uncredited rendition Boohey Barian.

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