Good Luck Leo Grande (2022)

Good luck to you Leo Grande2022.

Directed by Sophie Hyde.
Starring Emma Thompson, Daryl McCormack and Isabella Laughland.



Follows Nancy Stokes, a 55-year-old widow who craves adventure, human connections and some sex, good sex.

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Nancy Stokes (a confident, insecure, plucky, absolutely perfect portrayal of Emma Thompson who ranks among the best of her career) has hired a male escort. His name is Leo Grande (relative newcomer Daryl McCormack provides a groundbreaking twist, especially as the role becomes increasingly complex in the third act). Widowed Nancy has never had an orgasm, let alone a husband she tried to please in this way (he considered both varieties of oral humiliation). But at 55, Nancy is sure she really wants to explore her sexuality and vows never to fake an orgasm again, even if it means breaking out of a tight shell with everything from shame to a judgmental society that keeps her in check (and sometimes judging herself for fear of what she might become sexually). Of course, she wants someone younger for a variety of reasons, most notably she wants sex education and not someone who is prone to breaking her hip, which reminds her of her age.

Directed by Sophie Hyde (with screenplay and creation credit by Katy Brand) Good luck to you Leo Grande follow these private chic hotel arrangements with male model dude Leo in his 20’s, a radiant and charming sex positive specimen who is here to please her however she sees fit; no guilt about age differences (although they all discuss why they are here and what they like about the dynamics of sex work, more so Leo), no laughter at inexperience and no bones to pick at physical beauty. Nancy may still be afraid to take the plunge, as Emma Thompson sensitively and beautifully evokes that fear every step of the way, while Daryl McCormack balances this with reassurance, kindness, calm, and just enough tasteful seduction to comfort her and in mood, especially when she withdraws for personal conversations or asks if she’s doing something morally wrong.

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As a former teacher who looked down on body positivity, Nancy floods with an abundance of hypocrisy, but there’s also a sense that it’s oppression and judgment of others that she sincerely regrets. Meanwhile, Leo admits he doesn’t feel comfortable telling his mother what his job is, making up stories about a job on an oil rig. Together they process some of their concerns and negative feelings but still at an emotional distance as Leo is not necessarily looking for a romantic connection. At the end of the day, he renders a service. There’s also an amusing segment where Leo briefly touches some odd customers (no kink-shaming) or vulnerable, lonely customers (including a disabled woman who wants him to get in the bath with her), all of which makes for a wild one would provide entertainment and enlightening projects themselves.

Good luck to you Leo Grande Nor does she shy away from how consuming these wish-fulfillment fantasies can be, especially for someone alone, unenthusiastic about their adult children, sexually repressed and inexperienced. This section could have had more time, especially considering the ending quickly makes for a feel-good finale, but the overall points ring true.

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A good portion of the story is very light, funny, and deeply erotic (the film has some of the strongest and most meaningful nude images in recent memory, with smooth camera movements by Bryan Mason that give it a cinematic feel despite being shot in a single location). , but wisely uses much of his conversational tone to convey Leo’s reality (it should come as no surprise that he doesn’t just back away from face-to-face conversations to stay professional) and Nancy’s burgeoning sexual courage and journey to becoming comfortable in her own skin. questioning.

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It’s also just refreshing to watch a sophisticated sex comedy that’s more about the universality of pleasure and how everyone deserves it, regardless of age, looks, physical ability, or experience. A deep respect for sex work breaks through every dialogue exchange Good luck to you Leo Grande, as Nancy and Leo get hot and pensive. Still not sold? It has the classiest blowjob you will ever see on screen.

Flickering Myth Rating – Movie: ★★★★ / Movie: ★★★★

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