First Kill: Netflix viewers are all saying the same thing about the new teen vampire drama

Eve Crosbie

first kill possibly just landed on Netflix this week and has already climbed the top trending TV shows – but is it worth seeing?

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The series, which has been described as a queer teenage vampire romance and is based on a short story by YA author VE Schwab, follows two unhappy lovers – a vampire named Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) and vampire slayer Calliope (Imani Lewis) – as they embark on a doomed romance.

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Many viewers said they were pleasantly surprised by the show, which they felt exceeded their expectations. As one wrote on Twitter: “I really got into #FirstKill to have some cute lesbian vampire stuff, but got some excellent world building. As if I want seasons. I want to see them all grow up. I will Vampire Diaries Level of seasons and spin-offs. I want it all.”

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Another agreed, writing: “Imagine @TheCW made a baby and the parents were that Vampire Diaries & Riverdale then Netflix Season 1 of #FirstKill did that unintentionally,” while a third said: “Two episodes of #FirstKill down and I’m obsessed.”

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will you watch first kill?

Another added: “Just watch the entire first season of first kill on Netflix and this show is so good! It’s a coming of age vamp show and I can’t wait for season 2!”

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will you check out first kill? The official synopsis for the eight-part series reads: “When it comes time for teenage vampire Juliette to make her first kill so she can take her place in a powerful vampire family, she sets her sights on a new girl named Calliope.

“But much to Juliette’s surprise, Calliope is a vampire hunter from a family of celebrated hunters. Both find that the other is not that easy to kill and unfortunately far too easy to fall for.”

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