Firenze Guelfi and Milano Seamen advance to the Italian Bowl

Firenze Guelfi RB Jared Gerbino rushed for 90 yards and 1 TD to win over the Parma Panthers Photo: Fabio Cubo

That Florence Guelfi and Milanese sailors on which have advanced Italian bowl after their victories in the Italian football league Semifinals last weekend.

Firenze Guelfi 19 – Parma Panthers 14

Firenze Guelfi RB Ahmad Tanner finds space Photo: Fabio Cubo

After this Firenze Guelfis Week 1 loss to the defending champion Panthers This season they have been waiting for redemption. And that’s exactly what they got as both teams played their best defensive game of the year.

Florence, known for racking up more than 300 rushing yards per game, has barely broken half of them. Quarterback Andrea Fimiani was contained for most of the game, allowing Jared Gerbino to do most of the heavy lifting on the floor.

But it was Fimiani’s arm that secured the first two goals of the game with an 18-yarder for Ahmed Tanner and a 22-yarder for Gerbino.

parma Quarterback Brook Bolles was able to regain some of the points with a late first-half touchdown, but the Panthers Attack struggled all game to get the semblance of a passing game going.

The Parma Panthers offense lined up with QB Brook Bolles for a snap. Photo: Fabio Cubo

The second half saw more of Gerbino and eventually a 32-yard rushing touchdown to level the score at 19-7 in the fourth quarter.

Bolles, who proved an effective runner for most of the season, tried to keep up Florence Playstyle, but it proved unsuccessful as it was what guelfi Defense was used to being seen in practice throughout the week.

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A final touchdown by the Panthers in the fourth quarter brought the score to one. But it was too late for too little parma as the guelfi used their final drive to time out the clock and send themselves Italian bowl after a three-year absence.

Milano Seamen 41 – Ancona Dolphins 21

Milano Seamen WR Markell Castle hauling in one of his 10 catches. Photo: Dario Fumagalli

The second and last semi-final of the weekend was undefeated Milanese sailors dominate the Dolphins of Ancona when it came down to getting away with 41:21 and achieving that Italian bowl for the eighth time since 2013.

ancona, with the best pass defense in the league, came into play well as their defensive strengths fitted well against the sailors Offense. Anconas So the chances of winning depended on the play of their offense quarterback Colin Di Galbo.

But it was actually her dolphins Defense which appeared to be the weaker component of the team. sailors Quarterback Luke Zahradka ripped the ancona secondary to plays, throwing for 344 yards and six touchdowns on just 22 completions.

As expected, Markell Castle played the biggest role for the sailors Receiving corps, piling up 132 yards and three touchdowns.

That sailors will go now Bologna compete against Florence Guelfi in an exciting game; two teams at the extreme ends of offensive production, but using markedly different techniques to achieve it.

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