Ex-New York Jets QB thinks Tom Brady has a problem

Problems are relative for most of us. So when a former New York Jets quarterback suggests that Tom Brady has a problem, I immediately rule out that it’s a problem on the field. In TB12’s entire playing career, he has played in 9 Super Bowls. In that same span of time, actually the last 53 years, the Jets haven’t played a single Super Bowl. So logic leads us to the difficulty of being off the field.

According to an article by Jaclyn Hendricks of nypost.com, the greatest quarterback in NFL history may have a minor sporting problem. One of the first to blame TB12 was then-Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. Apparently, then with the New England Patriots, Brady threw for a Super Bowl-record 505 yards in a 41-33 loss to Foles and the Eagles. Foles was named Super Bowl MVP. Brady skipped the traditional QB handshake that day.

According to Jake Levin of nbcsports.com/boston, Brady addressed Foles’ snub. “I have a lot of respect for Nick,” Brady said. “I try to be a good sport as much as I can. I know it doesn’t always seem like that because sometimes I get a little mad out there.”

Hendricks said on nypost.com that former New York Jets quarterback and 17-year-old NFL journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick told ESPN+ series American Caddy that he had to chase after Tom Brady for a post-game handshake after he had defeated. “After he punched Brady for the first time, he didn’t shake my hand,” Fitzpatrick said, according to the Insider. “I was with the Jets (at Fitzpatrick’s second win over Brady) and had to chase him at the 50-yard line.”

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I think Tom Brady has been in the NFL for 20 years. He has played in 9 Super Bowls and won 7 of them. He is the greatest soccer player that many of us have seen in our lives. When two opponents complain about a guy with a track record like that spanning two decades, I think it’s an anomaly. Winning is hard. Sometimes people’s feelings get hurt in competition. Tom Brady is not a bad sport. Sorry Fitzmagic. i don’t buy it

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