Eli Manning once found himself in the middle of a mistaken identity case involving an American Olympic genius: “Allllll Day. They ask about your brothers and your father.”

Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning recently found that winning the Super Bowl championship doesn’t guarantee instant recognition. Manning shared with NFL fans the confusion certain people have about him and 23-time Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps. While both athletes hail from two different worlds, the confusion between NFL and Olympic fans remains the same.

The two-time Super Bowl champion took to Twitter to address the issue, stating, “I wonder if Michael Phelps gets confused with me as often as I get confused with him. I just had number 5.” After seeing the tweet, the swimming legend replied: “Allllll day!! They ask about your brothers and your father.“It was an accidental, yet intriguing, unique interaction between two American icons.


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Manning’s tweet drew a lot of attention online from NFL fans, which caused him even more heartache. They were quick to poke fun at the Giants and we wonder how the encounter would have happened. It sets both athletes up for an interesting encounter that any NFL fan could pay a fortune to see how it might play out.

Has Eli Manning had a more memorable career than Michael Phelps’ Olympic career?

The debate surrounding the two athletes’ popularity appears to be going a lot more straightforward than fans were expecting. While the Giants QB has a definite legacy in the NFL and some parts of the world, the swimming GOAT is an all-world athlete. However, both icons have the same respect and status among their American fans. Fans remember their legacies in their respective sports and admire their contributions.


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The four-time Pro Bowler made a name for himself, having come from a family considered to be NFL royalty. He is the son of legendary QB Archie Manning and brother of Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. Both have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Eli will soon follow.


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While some fans may be unaware of his accolades in the NFL, Eli may be a first-choice Hall of Famer. As another NFL season approaches, many young QBs are looking up to legendary QBs like the Manning brothers. You will be hungry to create a legacy in the game. The 2022 NFL campaign promises to introduce fans to future stars looking to make their mark.

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