Daniel Radcliffe received a sweet birthday message from Weird Al Yankovic, who also dropped a fun fact about the actor

Daniel Radcliffe recently celebrated his 33rd trip around the sun, and it’s a little jarring considering how far we’ve come from his days as Harry Potter on a broomstick. “The Boy Who Lived” might be the one to get another year older, but it sounds like someone’s contemplating his age, it’s Weird Al Yankovic – the subject of Radcliffe’s latest “weird” project. The song parody genius shared a sweet birthday message with the actor who portrays him Strange: The Al Yankovic Storywhile divulging a bit of trivia regarding their comparable ages.

When Weird Al Yankovic chose Daniel Radcliffe to portray him In the Roku Channel comedic bio, he apparently had a pretty “white and nerdy” reason for doing so. But although the duo are kindred spirits in their love of satirical songwriting, Yankovic noted the generational gap that exists between the pair as he wished the actor a happy birthday Twitter. He wrote:

Happy Birthday to the amazing Daniel Radcliffe who was born exactly two days after my LAST movie came out. #True fact

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