Cast, release date for Margaret Atwood new movie

An Atwood thriller? Revenge as the central premise? Current topics? And now two leads – Sandra Oh and Julianne Moore – have been confirmed. We can’t wait to see them catapult this film to the heights it deserves.

So here you will find everything you need to know Stone mattress.

What is the plot of Stone mattress?

The upcoming film has been described as a “blue chip revenge thriller” and the full saga will unfold on a cruise ship in the Arctic, giving new meaning to the term “chilling”, we imagine.

Lynne Ramsay (you were never really here) will direct the film based on the acclaimed New Yorker Short story by Atwood.

Corresponding meetingfollows the story of Verna, a 60-year-old retired physical therapist and widow of two, who “embarks on a luxurious cruise into the magnificent and silently thawing Arctic Northwest Passage, populated by a bevy of privileged influencers and wealthy retirees.”

On the ship, Verna meets the kind and charming Grace and the seemingly ordinary Bob, “an unaccompanied man in his 60s who has inherited a family business.”

The synopsis continues: “Though not having a fraction of Verna’s elegance and wit, Bob tries to seduce her. But he may not be the stupid but harmless man he first appears to be, and his presence worries Verna. As wounds and humiliation from her past resurface, the cruise’s tranquil atmosphere is disrupted by a shocking act.”

What could this “shocking act” be, we wonder? Our minds immediately turn to a murder mystery, but perhaps there is something far more sinister to uncover here.

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Stone mattress
Stone Mattress: Nine Wicked Tales by Margaret Atwood.

Who is playing? Stone mattress?

Leading the cast of this film is Sandra Oh (kill Eve) and Oscar winner Julianne Moore (Still Alice) as Grace and Verna, respectively.

The mystery character of Bob has yet to be finalized, but we know casting is currently underway so keep an eye out for updates here.

Sandra Ah
Sandra Oh will star in upcoming revenge thriller Stone Mattress.

What was said about it Stone mattress?

The film’s announcement comes at a time of increasingly tense news about women’s bodies, autonomy and rights. It’s something Ramsey is keen to address as part of the project, which comes at an important time.

Speaking of the film, she said, “With the current dissolution of women’s rights around the world, particularly with the fall of Roe v Wade in America, this story, with its themes of stolen motherhood and unexplained sexual abuse, feels more relevant than ever.”

Ramsay added: “I first read Margaret Atwood when I was a teenager and her work has captivated me ever since. She is simply one of the most intelligent, prophetic and engaging writers Stone mattress is another perfect example of this. I was immediately drawn to the way it frames the deeply buried trauma of a postmenopausal woman – an age group we all too rarely hear about – through Verna’s dynamic and multi-faceted character.”

She continued, “From its tongue-in-cheek humor to its moments of icy revenge and delicate portrayal of an emotional oppression specific to the Boomer generation, it’s a story I’ve wanted to bring to life since I first read it on screen.

“The opportunity to shoot in the Arctic, on the front lines of our world’s most pressing threat and on the brink of irreversible transformation, will add another layer of devastation to the story. Just like the ice caps that melt to reveal ancient stories, Stone mattress sees years of Verna’s pain and anger unravel before our eyes to reveal the raw emotions beneath.”

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Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore will lead the cast of Stone Mattress as Verna.

When and where will Stone mattress be visible?

filming for Stone mattress scheduled to begin this September on-site in Greenland and Iceland. Amazon is already set up for domestic distribution, while Film4 and Studiocanal are in talks with Amazon about launching internationally.

We’ll definitely keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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