Billy Eichner Says ‘Bros’ Will ‘Open Certain People’s Eyes’

Billy Eichner finds the sex scenes in his new movie, brotherspush the envelope – in a good way.

“To this day I wait for someone to call me in the studio and say, ‘You know, now that we think about it, you’ve gone too far.’ But it never happened,” says Eichner, 43, this week diversity cover story. “Part of me realized that some of this would be eye-opening for certain people in the audience, and I liked that, too.”

He continued, “I was like, ‘Great! Let’s surprise people. Let’s shock them.’ Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t worried about it – why should I?

Eichner, with whom he wrote the Universal Pictures film Neighbors Filmmaker Nicholas Stoller headlines an all-LGBTQ cast in a film billed as “the first major studio romantic comedy about two gay men who may, possibly, probably, stumble toward love.” Maybe. They are both very busy.”

The film also stars Luke Macfarlane, Ts Madison, Monica Raymund, Guillermo Díaz, Guy Branum and Amanda Bearse.

“It took Hollywood a century to make this movie,” Eichner said diversity. “It’s not my fault – it’s Hollywood’s fault it’s taking so damn long.”

Nor the Billy on the street Alum admitted he also feels pressure for the film’s success.

Jeff Lipsky for Diversity

“I feel responsible for making things go well,” he said. “I’ve worked so hard on this, I care so much, and I want it to go well so LGBTQ stories get the green light. So I feel burdened, as much as I want to sit here and just talk about how funny the movie is.”

Earlier this week he touted the film during an appearance at MTV’s Video Music Awards – and couldn’t resist getting a little political.

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After giving a brief synopsis of the film before presenting a performance of Panic at the Disco, he told the audience, “And I need you all in theaters on September 30 because we’re showing all the homophobes like Clarence Thomas and all.” need the homophobes on the Supreme Court that we want gay love stories and support LGBTQ people and not let us go back to the last century because it’s over, and brothers is the future.”

brothers The world premiere is slated for September 8th at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival and hits theaters everywhere on September 30th.

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