Are Patriots fans the “worst” in sports, or just the most envied?

If you’re a New England Patriots fan, you’ve heard them all.

Some use the term ‘obnoxious’. Others prefer the nickname “fair weather”. There’s even the dreaded “train” label.

(And those are just the “family-friendly” terms for Pats fans).


New England Patriots fans against the world


New England Patriots superfan Keith Birchall (aka “Silver Bullet”)


New England Patriots fans cheer on the defense at Gillette Stadium

Based on USA Today’s most recent rankings, you can add “worst” to the adjectives used to describe Patriots fans. As in… “worst fan bases in esports.”

You, Patriots fans, are third on this list.

It should be noted that the story’s author, Mike Freeman, expressed his affection for Patriots fans and reflected that the ranking tended to benefit the legions of Patriots-hating fans across the country. Therefore, this kind of rebuttal is by no means a negative shot aimed at him.

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