Annika Foster, Mike Markoff and others star in thriller films

The upcoming Lifetime thriller temptation under the sun, will premiere on the network on Saturday, August 20, 2022. The film revolves around a detective who falls in love with an expat while on vacation. Things get complicated when the man is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.

The film stars Annika Foster and Mike Markoff, among many others, in significant roles. Read on for more details on the cast of temptation under the sun.

temptation under the sun Cast List: Annika Foster and others intended for gripping performances

1) Annika Foster as Cassady Cruz

Actress Annika Foster plays the character of detective Cassady Cruz temptation under the sun. Based on the synopsis, Foster appears to be starring and it will be interesting to see how the talented actress takes on this exciting portrayal. Foster is best known for her appearances in Burn up little lies, Northwood Cakeand Four for fun.

2) Mike Markoff as Travis King

Mike Markoff plays the role of Travis King in the upcoming Lifetime movie in which Annika Foster’s Cassady Cruz gets involved in a torrid affair. Based on the synopsis, Markoff plays a central role in the plot, and viewers can expect a memorable performance from the actor. He is known for his appearances in Difficult to place, Escape to the Bayand body in the bathroomto name a few.

3) Scott Christopher as Dexter

Scott Christopher plays Chief Inspector Dexter temptation under the sun. Details about his character are being kept under wraps. Christopher has been part of several memorable films and shows like granite flats, modern family, Criminal Minds: Beyond the Limits, The best two yearsand many more.

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Aside from the actors mentioned above, the film also features several supporting actors in central roles, such as:

  • Samuel Selman
  • David Carey Foster
  • Wendell Kinney
  • Laith Wallschl├Ąger
  • Christina Gray

The film is directed by Lane Shefter Bishop from a screenplay by Paul A. Birkett.

A quick look at temptation under the sun plot and what to expect

temptation under the sun tells the story of a detective who gets involved in an affair with a charismatic young man while on vacation. Their romance is cut short after the man is accused of murdering his former lover. The official synopsis of the film, according to Lifetime reads:

“While vacationing on an exotic island, Detective Cassady Cruz begins a torrid affair with charming expat Travis King, but when his ex-girlfriend Minnie is found dead, he is framed for her murder.”

The description goes on to say,

“Knowing that he is innocent, Cassady rushes to uncover the real killer and clear his name, but the more she searches for evidence, the more buried secrets she finds and the further she is drawn into a deadly trap into which she… who only Travis can save her.”

Based on the plot, viewers can expect another slick thriller from Lifetime, similar to movies like Greed: A Tale of Seven Deadly Sins, Caught in his weband A Gift of Murder.

You can watch temptation under the sun on Lifetime on Saturday August 20, 2022.

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