Anime can also take inspiration from American shows

Animation has spread far and wide to all corners of the world as a way for people to express their creativity and ideas, which are often inspired by one another. In particular, the animation styles of many other countries have been influenced by the Japanese animation style, but the same is true in reverse as well.

Japanese animators have been taking inspiration from Western animation for some time and have added unique touches to their own shows. When it comes to these styles, three different shows come to mind Panty & Stocking with garter belt, Inferno Copand Pop Team Epic. These three shows all look pretty American, and they all have one thing in common, random adult and meta humor.

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The first show on the roster is Panty & Stocking with garter belt, a well-known cult classic. The show follows the two “Anarchy Sisters”, Panty and Stocking, fallen angels who are stranded on earth and defeat bizarre monsters to earn their way back to heaven.

The show is heavily influenced by American cartoons, with stylized characters using sharp angles and bright colors. The style is reminiscent Powerpuff Girls and intruder zim, with an emphasis on more geometric designs and exaggerated proportions. There is even a direct reference to it intruder zim In the show, the sister’s pet named Chuck has a similar design to the iconic GIR from intruder zim.

The show’s creator, Hiromi Wakabayashi, is also known as a Western animation fan and specifically states that it is the American adult animated television sitcom Drawn together from 2004 was a big inspiration for Panty & Stocking with garter belt. He was inspired by how vulgar Drawn together was and wanted to use these elements in production Panties & Stocking.

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The next heavily American-influenced series is Inferno Cop, a series produced by Studio Trigger and released in 2012, making it one of the studio’s earliest works. Studio Trigger was founded in 2011 by former Gainax employees Hiroyuki Imaishii and Masahiko Ōtsuka, who also happened to have worked on Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, with Hiroyuki himself being the show’s director.

Inferno Cop is a very short series consisting of thirteen episodes with an average length of three minutes. This series was also known as “ONA” or “Original Net Animation”, meaning that the episodes were not aired on TV but uploaded online.

The series follows the eponymous Inferno Cop, a retired cop with a flaming skull head who seeks revenge on the secret Illuminati-like organization Southern Cross for killing his family. While this summary sounds very serious, the show is anything but, with mostly wacky episodes and lots of silly gags.

The type of animation used for the show is referred to as a “motion comic” style, in which comic panels are augmented with animation elements. This then brings up the animation style influenced by American comics, with most of the characters appearing fairly realistic in a classic superhero art style. Inferno Cop himself seems to be inspired by characters like Ghost Rider, with the flaming head and penchant for justice.

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The last series with plenty of Western influence is Pop Team Epic. Pop Team Epic is an animated parody show based on the original manga of the same name, Yonkoma. The show is generally disjointed and follows the two main characters, small and very angry Popuko and large and very calm Pipimi, and their strange adventures parodying movie tropes and various intellectual traits.

The show uses different types of animation, typically 2D animation, CG animation and stop motion. Episodes typically run for fifteen minutes, with each new episode swapping voice actors and art styles.

The first half of the episodes are voiced by men taking the roles of Popuko and Pipimi, while the second half is usually voiced by women. The series is very reminiscent of humor that many would recognize from Adult Swim – raunchy and very dark at times. It fits Pop Team Epic would eventually air in English on Adult Swim. While Pop Team Epic uses a standard anime art style and feels very American in its quick-witted, sometimes demented humor.

As the Japanese anime art style conquers the overseas market, Japan is not only looking inwards but also outwards. With Panty & Stocking with garter belt take hints from intruder zim and Drawn together, Inferno Cop make fun wrong way driverand Pop Team Epic If you try the styling of Adult Swim, they are all unique and fun in their own way.

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