An Act of Worship will premiere at the 2022 Tribeca Documentary Competition

We have an exclusive trailer release for the feature documentation An actor of worship ahead of its world premiere in the Documentary Competition at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.

A church service Directed by Nausheen Dadabhoy, produced by Sofian Khan, Kristi Jacobson and Heb Elorbany. before A church serviceDadobhoy’s work has been nominated for an Oscar, won an Emmy and has been featured at Sundance, the Toronto International Film Festival, Locarno and Al Jazeera, HBO and PBS.

“May Dad would sit on the edge of my bed every night and pray a prayer of protection over my sister and I,” we hear in the exclusive trailer, which talks about footage of kids enjoying life. “My parents got calls saying, ‘Your kids will be next.'” “This experience has taught her to keep her culture and religion a secret,” reads juxtaposed footage of family life. The trailer then unfolds into a collection of people expressing their experiences of Muslim life in America. You can watch it below.


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An Act of Worship Exclusive Trailer

The synopsis reads: “An Act of Worship is a polyphonic portrait of the last 30 years of Muslim life in America. Told through the lens of Muslims living in the United States, the film provides a counter-narrative of pivotal moments in US history and examines the impact of anti-Muslim rhetoric and politics on young Muslims coming of age after 9/11. Because of their first-hand knowledge and close access to the Muslim community, the filmmaking team is able to take on the account previously shaped by outsiders.”

When asked what inspired the documentary, Dadabhoy told WeHaveStories, “For me, this project really starts with my sister Fatima Dadabhoy. She was formerly the lead civil rights attorney for the Council on American Islamic Relations Greater Los Angeles Chapter (CAIR). After the 2015 San Bernardino attack, I was able to see my sister at work and CAIR’s response to what was obviously a horrific crime, but also the kind of fallout that happens in the Muslim community every time things like this happen around Working on this film kept reminding me of my sister and how this image of this strong Muslim woman and Muslim people working as activists and lawyers just doesn’t exist in our society. Immediately after the election, I contacted CAIR and said I think you’re going to be very busy over the next few years so I’d like to follow your work and just see what happens.

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