Alicia Chestnut Hosts Film Screening Featuring Dallas County Actors | arts and entertainment

It is a world of magic, enchantment and personal development. It transforms. it builds It inspires. It’s the world of fine arts.

And Selma will experience a piece of that joy through one of her own on Sunday. Alicia Chestnut, wife of State Representative Prince Chestnut, will be hosting a screening of the film Castle Falls, which Mrs. Chestnut says is “an action-packed thriller so hold on tight.” Five actors from Alabama have signed on to attend the Selma premiere of the play directed by Dolph Lundgren (star of “Rocky”, “Universal Soldier” and others) to attend theaters here in Selma – Kevin Wayne, Robert Berlin, Pearla Sanchez, Luis Valencia and myself,” said Chestnut.

At the time of the interview, Chestnut, who attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, California, recalled how it all began. She was booked into Castle Falls in early 2020 during the height of COVID-19 and during her final semester of law school. The health department intervened and shut them down completely. “I felt lucky in disguise because I was able to concentrate on my final.” Production resumed in November 2020 with high-tech testing for the coronavirus. Chestnut stated that she was unaware they would be called back but was thrilled to get the call.

“The film was made in Alabama, so to speak.” Filming was mainly in Alabama, mostly in Birmingham. And understand – three of the actors are here in Dallas County. you read it right Alicia Chestnut, Pearla Sanchez and Luis Valencia all star in this film. “I had done smaller roles before, including at Goldman Casting. However, this is the first time I’ve had a scene to myself. What a great experience.”

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“My goal is to bring more visual arts into our community,” Chestnut said. “We shouldn’t have to leave our community for entertainment. I’m working on bringing a production here and I’ve also spoken to the Red Mountain Theater. Locally, I teamed up with Principal Cicely Curtis at RB Hudson Middle School to build an acting studio. I asked her if she had a room for it and she did. From there I connected the school to Disney and they got approval to do The Lion King. There are several workshops going on there, I want to inspire young people too.” Taylor White, teenage daughter of Christie Thomas, Selma Councilwoman, met Chestnut at the opening of the Huddle House where she learned of her goals. “I’m really looking forward to seeing our own actors from the state of Alabama in a film showing at our local theater. To see you [Chestnut] and others inspire us young people to become what we dream of becoming,” said White.

State Representative Prince Chestnut, who sponsored the event, had something to say about it. “I am thrilled that my wife organized such a wonderful event for Selma. I support her just as she supports my projects. We are both excited to pull off this special first for Dallas County.”

When asked for her closing remarks, Chestnut said the following. “A huge thank you to Goldman Casting and Billions Casting for making sure Alabama actors stay booked and employed. Always pursue your dreams and keep your talent alive. Everyone has talent. My motto is ‘Live full and die empty’. Everything that God has put in you should be used until there is nothing left to use.”

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