Adam Sandler sets another record with Hustle on Netflix

Adam Sandler has set another record with his new film on Netflix.

sports drama Hurry sees the actor play a basketball scout and has had critics raving about it since its June 8 release.

A far cry from his roles in adult and Mixedthe 55-year-old has definitely shown his ability to turn things around.

The film’s official synopsis reads, “After an unlucky basketball scout discovers an exceptional player abroad, he brings the phenomenon back without his team’s consent.”

earlier this month, as shown on Rotten Tomatoes, Hurry became his highest rated film with 92 percent according to his fans.

Lucky Gilmore (85 percent) is in second place rule over me81 percent come in third place.

However, it is worth noting that the fan rating of the film is exactly the same as the critics’ rating.

With both at 92 percent, fans and film critics finally seem to be on the same page.

Photo credit: Rotten Tomatoes
Photo credit: Rotten Tomatoes

The praise for the film continues on Twitter, where one person was placed Hurry among the actor’s best, as they wrote, “I was just watching Hurry on Netflix and Holy F**k this movie was good. Adam Sandler continues to do a really good job and I really think this could eventually be considered one of the best sports movies of all time. If you love hoops, give it a try!”

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Another fan commented: “Hurry is the best movie I have ever seen in my life. Adam Sandler really is the goat.”

While a fourth thought: “Adam Sandler continues in a rich vein of Netflix form Hurry. One of the best performances of #AdamSandler’s career.

“Adam put himself in a vulnerable position in this film and he nailed it. If you love basketball, you will love this movie.”

Another added: “I encourage everyone to watch Hurry. I will never hear a bad word about Adam Sandler again.

“His next movie spaceman will be even better. I will die on this sword. Adam Sandler is the best. That’s all.”

Hurry is now available on Netflix.

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