Action thriller that defies logic

One of this month’s most anticipated South Korean movies has to be Netflix carter that fans have been looking forward to since the thrilling trailer. actor the good doctor Actor Joo Won stars alongside Lee Sun-jae, Kim Bo-min and other cast members.

The history of carter follows the agent of the same name who wakes up in a motel room with no memory of his identity or past. The only thing he knows are the instructions of a voice that takes him on a dangerous mission to save a girl. If he doesn’t follow orders, only death awaits these agents.

Netflix’s summary read:

A man wakes up missing his memories. Guided by a mysterious voice coming from a device in his ear, he embarks on a dangerous hostage rescue mission.

-Carter Review contains no spoilers-

Carter (2022) review

The film begins with a man in a motel room waking up to find the CIA trying to capture him. While unable to recall his memories and shocked by the situation he finds himself in, he soon hears a voice that helps him escape the CIA’s clutches while using him on a mission.

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Carter (2022) review
CARTER Joo Won as Carter in CARTER Cr. Son Ik-chung/Netflix © 2022

As the film progresses, the man cannot resist the voice in his head until he can get rid of the bomb. Curiosity to find out his identity is too tempting when he finally defies the voice and allows a CIA agent to approach him. He soon returns to his mission and undergoes another round of escaping enemy forces.

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The movie had done a good job with its trailer to grab our attention and add excitement to the movie. There’s no doubt that the trailer got our hopes up, which could be one of the reasons why we’re very disappointed with what we’ve seen. The actors certainly did a good job, but the illogical action scenes sucked.

Carter (2022) review
CARTER Joo Won as Carter in CARTER Cr. Son Ik-chung/Netflix © 2022

Even if you haven’t watched the trailer, you would still consider this a once-in-a-lifetime watch just when you have nothing else to watch. The movie has numerous physics defying action scenes that we just can’t accept and almost made this movie feel like a waste of time. Not to mention the scene looked more like computer graphics.

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You can tell the actors put a lot of effort into the film, but the dizzying cinematography and ending really put me off. This could have been better, especially with a great actor like Joo Won in the cast; but things don’t go the way we want. Instead the good doctor Actor was made straight into a killing machine without his memories that knows what it’s doing.

Carter (2022) review
CARTER Joo Won as Carter in CARTER Cr. Son Ik-chung/Netflix © 2022

Conclusion: Carter (2022)

Not much to say, with a talented director and a great actor this movie didn’t live up to expectations. For the amount of blood spilling all over the place, the action wasn’t up to scratch. The camerawork definitely wasn’t the worst, as the action scenes take the first place in everything bad about the film.

carter is a movie for people who like illogical action, so skip the movie if you’re not one of them before you want to bang your head somewhere.

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If you still want to satisfy your curiosity, then watch carter on Netflix.

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