“A Simple Favor” is getting a sequel

If you’ve ever asked me for a movie recommendation—especially a movie recommendation along the lines of “something funny but also mysterious” or “something playful but still exciting” – chances are I’ve pointed it out to you A simple favor. Directed by bridesmaids‘Paul Feig and leading man gossip Girlis Blake Lively and Pitch perfect‘s Anna Kendrick, the instant classic of 2018, followed two very different mothers whose lives are intertwined when one of them mysteriously disappears. Hilarious, funny and very fresh, A simple favor has stood the test of time thanks to its plenty of laughs, colorful class commentary and copious footage of Henry Golding being hot. (Admittedly, it’s only been four years, but I digress. At least it quickly got its “Ex girlfriend “Rip off” allegations.) Nevertheless, I’m really happy that I can now offer something fresher Recommendation when this request is submitted.

But why, can you ask? To which I would answer: Because against all odds A simple favor was blessed by the follower gods. Yup. It’s true. You didn’t read that wrong. A simple favor 2 (or should it say A simpler favor) was officially given the green light.

Corresponding meeting, Lionsgate and Amazon Studios have joined forces to support the upcoming sequel, which stars Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick both in their respective lead roles as the effortlessly chic but oddly secretive Emily Nelson and the overzealous “mommy blogger” -cum- investigative journalist Stephanie Smothers. original A simple favor Screenwriter Jessica Sharzer will rewrite the screenplay for the new film.

Unfortunately, no synopsis is available for the upcoming film yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see the final product. While the first film was based on Darcey Bell’s 2017 thriller of the same name, the upcoming sequel has no such counterpart to give us a hint of what to expect in the next iteration — although it’s safe to assume Emily and Stephanie won’t be there exactly Good conditions after the dust has settled. There’s only so much to recover from – and rekindling a friendship that was blown up because one friend was a lying sociopath and the other a secret adulterer isn’t one of the lucky few. But who can know!

Blake Lively in “A Simple Favor”IMDB

The only thing I to do Feel confident that if Paul Feig is involved (which he is), the highly-anticipated sequel is to come A simple favor will be delightfully batshit and excitingly unexpected. It will also likely feature at least five different plot twists. I mean – did you see spy? Actually, now that we’re talking spy, can I make a request for the next Feig movie to get a sequel? That People demand this.

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But also: Will Blake Lively go back to a suits-only wardrobe to promote A Simple Favor 2?

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