A quote from each character that summarizes their personality

All Americans was renewed for its fifth season in March, and the teen drama is the highest-rated show of the season The CWcorresponding TVLine. The show has taken a lighter direction since Spencer James and friends graduated from high school, and as the beloved characters explore the world as young adults, their insecurities are brought to life through their most memorable quotes.

While darker high school dilemmas shaped these characters into who they are now, they continue to reveal new things about themselves as they find their voices. The revealing quotes shared in recent episodes talk about how their personalities have evolved over time and the direction they are likely to take in season five.



“This is about me… and the fact that for the first time in my life I’m not the best player on the team… that’s not a bad thing. It’s motivation.”

Spencer James always found football easy. His talent shone above his teammates at South Crenshaw and Beverly Hills. After playing successfully for two high schools, Spencer was recruited to play D1 football at Golden Angelas University.

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As a small fish in a big pond, Spencer must fight to find his place on the depth chart and be praised by his new trainer. The determination Spencer has to keep honing his skills is motivated by the fact he’s no longer the best and fueled by his ability to see the bigger picture.

Coach Billy Baker

“You have to get to the point where nothing is ever good enough. When that happens, when you take on that grind, the sky’s the limit.”

All American coach Billy Baker looks behind the camera.

Billy Baker started playing football in South Crenshaw at a young age, rose through the ranks and played for the NFL before an injury forced his early retirement. Billy has always had high expectations of himself and worked hard to achieve his goals, which is why he’s one of the best characters in All Americans.

As a coach, Billy strives to instill that strong work ethic in his players, be it his son Jordan, Spencer or anyone else. After his students graduate from high school, Coach Baker continues to offer sound advice, like this quote he shared with Spencer.

Jordan Baker

“Since high school I lost my confidence, before everything was easy, then I had to go to a field where no one wanted me.”

When Jordan Baker was in high school, it became easy because he was the coach’s son. Though he struggled to solicit his father’s praise after Spencer was recruited to play for Beverly High, he thrived on reliance on nepotism.

After Jordan made an adverse decision to play while still injured, he almost ruined his chance to play college football. Jordan had to humble himself, accept a career position at the GAU, and learn to earn his place instead of letting his father hand it to him. When he admitted his insecurities to Layla, it was clear why he felt that way, even though he rarely spoke about it.

Asher Adams

“I just don’t want to screw this up, and I have no idea if what I have is any good.”

Asher has a history of making questionable decisions when under pressure. Though he’s changed a lot since high school, he still questions his own ability to get things right as he writes his first scouting report for Coastal California University.

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When Asher needs to find out personal details about Spencer and Jordan, he worries about the content of his report and confides in his friend JJ. Asher’s doubts about his job performance show how much he cares about his future.

Olivia Baker

“We’re both evolving and that means a little more work on both of our parts to ensure we ride this wave of growth together.”

Olivia has lived a life of privilege, but she has also faced challenges like addiction and grown as a person. As she ventures into the world of journalism at the LA Tribune, her interests evolve and her boyfriend Spencer struggles to keep up.

Though it seemed like they were headed for a breakup, Olivia’s mature response proves she’s learned to maintain relationships as a busy adult after witnessing her parents’ marriage firsthand. Olivia knows that sometimes all it takes is communication and compromise.

Tamia “Coop” Cooper

“You see, change is uncomfortable, growth is uncomfortable, and heck, growing up is uncomfortable… We have to learn to sit in the uncomfortable, myself included.”

Coop is one of the most likable characters on All Americans because she tends to be the voice of reason. Though grounded in reality, she remains optimistic about finding success outside of South Crenshaw. However, when her dreams of becoming a rapper are dashed, Coop is the only character unsure of her future.

As she adjusts to new challenges with her friends, Coop learns that the best way to process change is to sit down and work through it slowly, rather than immediately looking for a solution. Coop hasn’t lost her optimism, but she’s learning to face her problems head on instead of relying on other people to rescue her.

Layla Keating

“Her mind betrayed her. I know how that feels, we’re not that different.”

Behind her brave face, Layla has been tackling some deep issues with her mental health over the past few seasons All Americans. After rehab, Layla found support in Carrie, who also suffers from depression. Layla’s friends, who weren’t depressed, belittle Carrie and her actions.

Layla’s blossoming career as a music producer reassures her friends and family, but as she says this quote to Jordan, she reminds him that anyone can suffer from depression and two people who seem very different may be more alike than they seem.

JJ Parker

“He was brave enough to share his truth with the world and I wasn’t brave enough to do that, even with my friends.”

For years, JJ wore great Leo energy All Americans, as the life of the party. However, JJ recently revealed that something traumatic happened to him the summer before his freshman year of high school. He never told anyone, not even his closest friends.

Back then, he found inspiration in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his courage to share news about his mother’s depression. Although JJ’s love for “The Rock” may seem superficial to most people, it’s the main reason JJ strives to live each day to the fullest.

Laura Baker

“Anything worth fighting for involves sacrifice.”

A successful Beverly Hills attorney, Laura Baker knows how to fight for what she believes in. But sometimes the pursuit of justice comes at a price, as she knows all too well when she had to quit her position as a district attorney to support the family of Tamika Pratt.

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Laura knows what it means to make sacrifices not only for her career but also for her marriage to Coach Billy Baker. She had to stand up to her father-in-law’s racist remarks and learn to forgive Billy for his affair with Grace James. Laura fought to save her marriage and shared this wisdom with her daughter Olivia as she worried about her relationship with Spencer.

Cordell “Sermon” Simms

“You only have two hands, so you might want to figure out what’s important to you and hold on to it as tightly as you can.”

As a former gang member and father, Preach’s priorities have shifted for the better over the years. He knows the importance of holding on to the people who matter most, especially since he’s seen what happens when they elude.

As Billy Baker struggles to balance his roles as head football coach, interim principal, father and husband, Preach reminds him that there is only so much he can do on his own. This quote shows how far Preach has come and how he has learned to trust people and ask for help when he needs it.

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