10 Sad Movies Editors Love

elvis Fans have been eagerly awaiting a biographical film about the King of Rock himself, and Baz Luhrmann delivered just that. This music film encouraged fans to sing along to those iconic rock songs that have dominated the music world for decades, but the hilarious flick showed it elvis‘s lows and highs that turned out to be quite a tearjerker.

While many spectators left the cinema hall in tears, elvis was still a fun watch that celebrated the good and bad of the King of Rock and begged the question: Can sad movies still be fun? Luckily for viewers, Redditors think they can and have created a comprehensive list of entertaining but sad movies.


10 Don’t Look Up (2021)

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Timothy Chalamet in Don't Look Up

Don’t look up was the talking point of many conversations when it was released in 2021, due to its star-studded cast and an obscure storyline that made viewers ponder the fragility of life on Earth. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play two little astronomers who spot a comet on its way to Earth and try to warn civilians by going on a media tour.

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The film uses satire to show how society gets its priorities wrong when it comes to protecting its citizens and even deftly shows the role of greed over human life. Cherryredheadache explained that the discouraging storyline is the main reason they rewatched it, with the user claiming to have “watched it 3 times in 48 hours”.

9 Taxi Driver (1976)

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Robert De Niro in the 1976 film Taxi Driver.

taxi driver is one of Martin Scorsese’s most watched films and is considered a cult classic due to its large following of loyal fans. Travis is a veteran NYC cab driver who attempts to rid a young woman of her criminal tendencies, but in the process triggers his own introduction to a life of crime.

The film’s entire story is traumatic, including its exploration of PTSD and loneliness, in which Travis takes the job of driving a cab to heal his mind and openly flaunts the film’s darker themes. However, the cult classic continues to be an entertaining watch for many, as it ticks all the conventions of a great film, as acknowledged by BoSocks91, who said, “God, this film is so amazing,” before explaining how “the setting/music set sets the tone.” “

8th The Father (2020)

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A woman and her elderly father are standing in a bright room

Starring Olivia Coleman and Anthony Hopkins as a father-daughter duo, The father is a drama about Anthony, who refuses the help of his daughter Anne and begins to lose himself while struggling with the symptoms of dementia.

The fatherThe overall premise of is heartbreaking, abandoning a shared desire to show how dementia affects the family, instead showing it from the perspective of the person going through it. Redditor terdferguson9 suggested that “the style of the film is amazing, with a lot of confusion for the viewer,” which left fans heartbroken when they recommended the flick to others for its informative portrayal of dementia.

7 Joker (2019)

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Joaquin Phoenix as the infamous Clown Prince of Crime in Joker 2019

joker is one of the most recent films to reach $1 billion at the box office, and many comics fans expect the film to achieve the same success as it did. This psychological thriller gives a glimpse into the notorious joker and his backstory to becoming the terrifying criminal clown that viewers are familiar with from various Batman films and media.

Joaquin Phoenix humanized the villains that viewers have read and watched for decades, perfectly portraying his infectious yet childlike personality and encouraging viewers to see that joker as a person in society. The film’s heartbreaking storyline regarding the bullying of the joker endured left-wing fans who empathized with his character, despite so many DLTmisfit “absolutely loving it.”[d] that movie” for the incredible performance of Joaquin Phoenix and his unique film style.

6 Society of Dead Poets (1989)

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Robin Williams reads to the class in the company of the dead poets

Society of Dead Poets is easily one of the late Robin Williams’ best roles, as he embodies all the charm and passion usually associated with English teachers. This inspirational classic contains many important lessons about seizing the day and living life outside of the constraints placed on people in society, making it a motivational film offering comfort to those who are in the lives are lost.

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The film may be empowering, but it also has many heartbreaking moments, including the death of Neil, which is why one Redditor suggested that “the film is the perfect combination of empowering and heartbreaking” as it accurately portrays the ups and downs of life.

5 The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

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The Shawshank Redemption is one of the best films of all time and is still at the center of many film discussions today. Andy Dufresne enters Shawkshank Prison and makes many friends throughout the film until he pulls off the greatest prison break in film history.

Expensive_Plane_367 listed The Shawshank salvation as one of the best “dark […] Movies They Want to Watch Again” due to the healthy friendships formed between each character, sharing stories, contraband, and even jokes. However, this iconic film is famous for its social commentary on the justice system, showing how prisoners are treated in and out of prison, and fans continue to share their love for the film’s socially conscious tone and the friendship between Andy and the gang.

4 Titanic (1997)

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Based on the true but tragic fate of the titanicthe 1997 flick follows the love story between Jack and Rose, who fell in love aboard the famous ship of the same name. titanic encourages its viewers to engage as they watch Jack and Rose grow as people while also following their love story from beginning to end.

The film is considered a classic that’s guaranteed to make viewers cry, as seen by one Redditor, who shared that they “never realized until now [they] getting older how devastating the ending actually is.” While the film’s final scene still leaves viewers confused and heartbroken, fans keep coming back to see the ever-growing romance between Jack and Rose that led to this that many of them believed in true love.

3 Brokeback Mountain (2005)

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Brokeback Mountain was the subject of some controversy when it was first released, but has since been dubbed a classic that everyone must see at least once in their lifetime. Although both Shepherds have girlfriends who want to marry them, Jack and Ennis are slowly falling in love enough that fans can feel their chemistry through the screen.

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Redditor homeMalone89 stated that “Heath Ledger’s performance is one of the greatest ever captured on camera,” which, along with its stunning setting, is one of the main reasons why fans loved the film so much. However, the couple was robbed of their happy ending as the film explored manhood and society, which left fans devastated, but many still love the flick for its sweet on-screen romance between Jack and Ennis.

2 The Virgin Suicides (1999)

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Kirsten Dunst smokes a cigarette in The Virgin Suicide

The Virgin Suicides is a hidden gem for Sophia Coppola fans to enjoy on Paramount+. This 90’s film tells the story of the Lisbon sisters as they end their lives one by one, leaving the boys next door grieving and obsessing over the time they spent with each one of them.

Adapted from the famous Jeffrey Eugenides novel, the film offers a raw look at the mental health and oppression of young women. Despite its darker plot, fans enjoyed watching the film as Sophia Coppola’s cinematic style was recognized by Forgotten_Aeon, who stated that her “dreamlike, fleeting quality can work very well on some subjects,” resulting in the “Maiden Suicides [being] a great movie”.

1 Marriage Story (2019)

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history of marriage exploded on viewers’ screens and garnered a lot of attention for its intense performances of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. Eventually history of marriage is not a happy film with its divorce theme dominating its plot, but viewers like nellabella27 loved the film nonetheless, saying that “Driver’s performance was so spectacular.”

Whether it’s marriage or a relationship, the main characters accurately portray a moment that many viewers have gone through or are going through, making it a poetic yet representative portrayal of marriage.

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